Friday, January 25, 2013

Out of the MTC next week

I leave MONDAY MORNING. I have to leave here at 4 am (yay)...... but our flight leaves Salt Lake at 7:15 AM. We fly to Detroit and then CHarlotte.There will be 25 of us going to our mission! It's so crazy there are so many of us. It's awesome.

This week I have learned a lot about teaching. We have learned how to invite the spirit into a lesson, teaching people not lessons, inviting people to make and keep commitments, and inviting people to be baptized in the FIRST lesson. That is what a lot of teachers stress. I still don't know if I am completely convinced of that. Sometimes it's right, but I feel like that is the exception, not the rule. We always do role playing with our teachers, other missionaries, or the TRC (where people come volunteer to be pretend investigators). At first I thought it was hard to do but I am getting used to it because we do it so much. I do learn a lot about my own teaching by doing those, even if they aren't real I still learn about my teaching.

My district is awesome. There are 9 of us going to Charlotte, and 2 Elders going to Guam. They are all really great and all 4 of the Sisters are from Utah so we'll be able to hangout when we get back! We are learning and growing a lot. One of the elders, Elder Teichert is really awesome. He's from Wyoming. Yesterday in class he bore his testimony about why he is on a mission. His father is dying of cancer and has months to live, but he still chose to come on his mission. He said he is on his mission so he can be obedient to the Lord and that hug he gave his Dad at the curb won't be the last one he ever gives him. Woah. He has so much faith, and you can tell when he talks about the plan of salvation, or when he will teach it to investigators, that they are not just words but it is so real to him! He is an awesome missionary.

Elder Evans of the 70 spoke to us yesterday and that was awesome. He talked about miracles he saw as a mission president and told us to expect the same miracles because we represent the Lord. He talked about a missionary who was promised in the last 2 months of his mission that he would have another baptism if he worked really hard. He had his exit interview, was confused. He thought he was failure, he thought that he had worked hard the last 2 months but didnt' baptize anyone. He went home, and as soon as he got off the plane his non-member Father surprised him by asking him if he could baptize him before he got released last night. He had been taking the missionary discussions without telling him :) Way cool! The Lord always fulfills his promises.

My roommate, Sister Carlsen sleep talks almost every night. It's hilarious. Last night she woke up screaming "YOU GUYS YOU GUYS WAKE UP WAKE UP" we were like "What? What's going on?" She waves her arms around and says "We have SO MUCH to teach them!!" then she lays down and goes back to sleep. It was pretty funny.

Ah everyone is sick here! 3 people in my district woke up last night throwing up. I am trying to be really good and wash my hands and not get it. Let's hope I'm not next! Sorry out of time. Now I'm going to go find Steve. Next week I'll be in North Carolina!!

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  1. North Carolina Charlotte Mission

    3020 Hilliard Drive

    Charlotte, NC 28205


    January 2013

    Dear Loved Ones of Sister Forsyth,

    Your daughter has arrived in the North Carolina Charlotte Mission. She has been assigned an outstanding companion to help her grow and develop as a missionary. The people of North Carolina are wonderful and the members of the church love the missionaries. We will work hard as a mission to assist her to become a successful servant of our Heavenly Father.

    Your daughter will be serving in the Charlotte area with Sister Bowman.


    Ronald L. Craven