Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Hello everyone! Sister P and I are doing great. Life is good in Waxhaw. The weather has been a lot cooler this week too, which we were very grateful for!!

We talked to a less active after our dinner on Monday. She grew up in the church and went to BYU for 2 years, then went into the military, married a non member and stopped going. She was nice and friendly to us though, and she invited us to come to dinner this week! We are going on Wednesday! We hope that we will be able to start teaching her husband and 2 kids. :)

Tuesday we had a Mission Conference. Half the mission was there, and most of my old companions. OH MY GOODNESS I was so happy to see everyone, and my old companions! It's neat to see their growth. My trainee's have been out for more than a year now! Proud momma. It was sad though, realizing that this is probably the last time I will see a lot of the missionaries there. It's not very often you get to see people outside your zone. It was good to get updates on my old areas, what is going on and how people are doing though. 

FUNNY STORY!! Okay we had dinner with a member this week, and her Sister In Law who lives close but not in our ward was there and told us this story. The missionaries in her ward told her and her family to write down the nonmembers they knew of that needed the gospel. She works at home, and doesn't really know many people. But she likes her mailman. He delivers a lot of things to her, she orders a lot of things online. She says "Well how can I share the gospel with the mailman?" So she bakes Banana Bread and writes a note in a Restoration Pamphlet and leaves it out for the mailman. On Sunday, a lady comes looking for her. She's like "ARE YOU MRS. So and so? DID YOU GIVE THIS PAMPHLET TO MY HUSBAND?" She thought she would be in trouble. BUT the lady laughs and says "My husband and I are in the other ward!" Ha ha. THEY WERE MEMBERS. Hilarious. Must have been really funny for the mailman! 

This weekend there was a festival in downtown Waxhaw. It was a spring festival, with music, art, petting zoo for the kids, lots of food. Yum. We went on Saturday and were walking around talking with people. We saw these 3 punk looking teenagers outside of the library. I was asked to give a talk in church on Sunday, so we talked to them and invited them to come to church and come to my talk. We didn't think anything of it. BUT lo an behold.. one of them CAME. We were really surprised! We were in the back of the chapel, talking to members and were like "Oh my goodness, is that the kid we saw at the festival yesterday?" That was exciting. He came to sacrament meeting, the talks were all investigator friendly, I gave a talk from President Monson's address the last general conference. BUT the lesson in Gospel Principles was about Priesthood Organization. Ya. Not investigator friendly. We hadn't taught him anything about the restoration, Christ's church, nothing and they were talking about the responsibilities of high councilmen, patriarchal blessings, what the 70 do and I was like oh no. But he said he enjoyed church and we are meeting with him to actually start teaching him tomorrow. So that will be great! 

Oh and on Saturday Night remember the really wealthy Stake President? Well his son got married on Saturday and we were asked to help with the reception at his house on Saturday night. We were on food crew, making sandwiches, refilling stuff, collecting garbage, we also helped with the decorations, It was so fun! Weird to be at a reception. Really weird. But it's fun to serve in a different way! And the reception was gorgeous and something that I will never be able to afford so it was nice to see :) 

Yesterday we had lunch with the RS president. It was good to coordinate and talk with her about how we can help with some of the less actives in the ward. BUT yesterday we were out finding in a neighborhood on the way back and we met a crazy old lady who was really funny. We talked to her for a minute about the restoration, and how God has called a prophet today, she was like "WOW! Does the President know about this? The President needs to know." Anyway I can't even describe it, but she was crazy and old and hilarious. 

I know that the Gospel is true! I am glad that my family can be together forever. OYM #Open your mouth!!

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