Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Hello friends and family! Love you all! 

This has been a great week. So many miracles. Sister Chandler and I started out going on exchange with the Mountain Island sisters. I went to Mountain Island with Sister Diaz (who I trained) and so that was so fun to be with her again. AND it was so neat and touching to be back in Mountain Island where Melanie and her kids got baptized (back in February) (her baptism picture was my cover photo on Facebook for a while) and they are still very strong, active members and she is preparing to go to the temple, and she just got called as the Gospel Doctrine teacher. She is amazing. She is why I do what I do. Because there are people out there just like her, ready to accept the gospel. It's so rewarding to see what the gospel can do to a family, and seeing them 7 months later, and that they are still strong in the gospel, it's amazing! AND she has an incredible house built in the 1800's that is an old plantation house and it is HUGE and.. the Sister Missionaries now live in her basement! How crazy is that. So I got to stay at my recent converts house on exchange, that was SO neat! Her testimony is incredible. It was also fun to be with my "trainee" 5 months later and see how much she has grown as well :) 

Then this Tuesday Sister Chandler and I were going out to visit a Less Active.. Sister Miller and I went to see him on exchange back in June (sister Miller you probably remember) he was bringing in groceries, and went right in and we asked if we could come back and see him and his family, and he said no. That was a few months ago.. we decided "why not" and we went to see him again. This time.. his 20 year old daughter was there and we talked to her a little bit. She said she had grown up at a church, but kind of got offended and didn't want to go any more. We were talking to her and her Dad pulled in and we were like "uh oh" because we didn't know how he would react. BUT.. he came out was was like "Hello Sisters!" and he was super nice and said he knew he needed to come back to church and had been feeling like he should lately. It was quite the miracle! We are hoping to teach his daughter soon. It'll be a slow process, he is very hesitant, but we are so excited! We prayed in thanksgiving after that miracle. 

The family we have been teaching is doing great, we have to reset their baptism date though, probably forNovember 2 or 9th because the Mom got called into work on Sunday and they weren't able to come to church. It was probably for the best though, because they haven't actually been to a regular Sunday of church and don't really know the ward. This week was Stake Conf and last week was General, and so they need a few weeks in the regular ward. I think that will be great for them, fellow shipping is SO important.

That's so neat family that you all fed the missionaries! I hear about how many missionaries are in Utah now and I think it's so neat. I remember only a few times having the missionaries over, so I think it's neat you get more interaction with them. 

I LOVE the Huntersville Ward. I know I have said this before but seriously they have changed my life and they are all so incredible. It will be hard to leave this ward whenever I do. 

This week we have Zone Conference with President and Sister Craven and everyone tomorrow, that will be so neat. I always enjoy our meetings. They seriously have been the highlight of my mission. AND on Saturday from 10-12 three zones of our mission, including mine get to go to the funeral of the missionary who was killed in an accident, he was from here and I think he was in California. I don't know the family, I have never served in their ward or even their Stake, but I am honored to be able to go.

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