Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sept 30, 13

Hello everyone! This week was great. Sister Wright and I were able to go on exchanges with Concord and with Lenoir. I love being able to learn from all of these Sisters! It is incredible. We learn so so much. The Sister in Concord came with us for the day in Huntersville. Sister Maynes is so incredible. I love her. She is such a hard worker and such a great example. She is doing incredible things in her area. I went to Lenior with Sister Kenyon. She is fantastic. They are teaching 28 discussions a week, if not more. The standard of excellence is only 20. They are on fire, and I learned so much about teaching simply, short powerful lessons. 
We got the call on Saturday that I AM STAYING IN HUNTERSVILLE (so this will be my 4th transfer here aka 5 months) and Sister Wright is going to be with Sister Bowman (my trainer!) in another area, and Sister Chandler is coming to Huntersville with me!! I am so excited, because she came out with me and I sat next to her on the plane! We also were in the same district for 2 transfers. She is a fantastic missionary and can help get things going here!! She is from Utah. I think Alpine? I'll find out for sure when she comes here on Tuesday :) 
We were not able to see Susan this week.. she went out of town so we are hoping to see her again soon. 

FUNNY MOMENT: Sister Wright and I were out tracting in an apartment complex we had never been to before.. and we knocked on this door and a lady comes down the stairs from the third floor.. and she was like "Honey those are storage closets". We tried to play it smooth and were like "Oh thanks!" and just kept walking and as soon as she was out of sight we laughed so hard. We literally didn't know they were storage closets.. we just saw doors.
Oh and we taught Young Mens/YW who were combined for 5th hour this week at church, the Elders and us. We taught them about sharing the gospel on Facebook. We planned this really interactive fun lesson.. but they were all together.. and the boys were worried about what the girls would think and vice versa. So they were SILENT and it was like pulling teeth to get them to say anything. I realize what it must have been like for Mom and Dad when teaching seminary sometimes. Ha ha :) By the end they were participating a little bit..

I LOVE Sister Wright and I will miss her! She has taught me so many fantastic things. I am excited I am staying in Huntersville though, this ward is incredible. It has a lot of great people that I will miss dearly whenever I do get transferred, but I'm glad I have a little longer here :) 
I know the Gospel is true. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I am so thankful to be serving Him. I am very thankful for the opportunity I have to repent and change. I have so many things I need to work on to do better and to be better, and because of the Atonement I can. I am so grateful that a loving Heavenly Father provided a way for me to become the person and the missionary I want to be!

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