Monday, February 3, 2014


Hello everyone! 

So this week was crazy weather wise. As you can see, on Monday night it snowed! The roads were actually pretty icy because it snowed and then got really cold. The next day it snowed more. The next day it was gone. And by Sunday, it was 75 degrees. Crazyness! But it's really nice outside now and I think that that was the worst of the storms. 
We went on exchange this week. I went with Sister Castro. She is wonderful. She is from Columbia, and we went and found a bunch of Spanish speaking investigators! We actually found one who was really nice and wanted to let us in to learn but we couldn't because it was just him so we called the Elders and they came so we could go in and teach him. He's such a nice man. The Elders connected with him and took over teaching him and they brought a spanish speaker back to teach him and he came to church yesterday! It was really neat because our ward is like a provo ward, mostly Utah mormons. BUT a lot of them spoke Spanish (because of their missions) and were able to speak to him! He was surprised that everyone could speak spanish. And the Bishop even bore his testimony in Spanish for him over the pulpit in fast and testimony meeting yesterday. The Ward definitely welcomed him.
We had Missionary Leadership Council this week. It was so wonderful. Those are always my favorite meetings. Us as a council are really close and it's so great to get together. We counseled on how we can do better as a mission, what problems we are seeing and what we can do about it. We received some training about cars and how to check oil and tires and things like that. Of course I still don't know. 

Sister Chandler and I found a few new investigators this week and hopefully they will progress. 

We ate dinner with a young couple this week. We were talking and we found out that she and I lived at the same complex together at the same time! We could have dated the same people! Weird! And actually when she was dating her husband she was living there. So I probably saw them around all of the time, and we have some mutual friends. Except they are married with a 1 year old baby. And.....I'm here. Ha ha. Made me feel a little old. 
We got the call on Saturday that I am getting TRANSFERRED from my beloved Huntersville. I have been here for 8 months now! The Ward was very sad when I told everyone yesterday. Everyone was taking pictures and telling me goodbye and to keep in touch. I got everyone's emails and I am friends with everyone on Facebook too. They have become like my second family (the funny thing is some of them have MET my family) I wasn't going to go up and bear my testimony because I had given a talk 2 weeks earlier. BUT the Bishop asked me to bear my testimony for everyone. Pretty funny. I will definitely miss and love this ward so much. And Sister Chandler too. She's staying. We have become really close and it'll be hard to say goodbye to each other. BUT we live really close in real life so we'll be in touch a lot! (even if she probably will be married).... 
I don't know where I am going, I'll find out at the transfer meeting on Tuesday! It'll probably be my last area though. It's weird, as I was packing today I thought.. the next time I'll pack my suitcase will probably be when I go home! Crazy. This will probably be my last ward, my last area. I am going to work my hardest and do my very best!! Sprint to the finish! It's exciting though to go to a new place and have a new companion.
I had to bear my testimony in Gospel Principles yesterday as well. Our WML is a really funny guy and we are good friends. He asked if we could "come over for coordination" tonight, but really I think he just wants to have a going away party. We'll see! Ha ha. 
I have definitely learned so much in this ward about what I want in a future marriage and family. It has deepened my testimony that the Gospel really is true and how much it blesses our families, now and forever. I know that even if I didn't have a testimony, living the standards of the gospel is the way I would want to live because it makes me so happy. I have seen so many families, and it's interesting to feel the difference between a members home and a nonmembers home. I know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and wants the best for us! 
I read a great conference talk this week. Ya'll should go read it. (Yes I say Ya'll all of the time now.. :) )
It's called "Missionary Memories" from President Monson back in 1987.

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