Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 27th!

This week we went on exchanges with the Dobson Sisters! I went with two amazing Sisters. It was fun going up there, because I have never been up to that zone before. My 3 areas all border each other and are in the same place basically so I haven't really gotten to branch out much, except for exchanges. So it was exciting. Dobson is about 2 hours north. We met halfway (about an hour away) and switched companions, and then met there again the next day to switch back. Except.. when we got to Dobson I realized I had the phone for our area in my pocket.. whoops :) Sister Chandler wanted it, and both members that were driving us were so nice to turn around and drive another hour to meet and give it back. So we spent like 4 hours in the car that day. So fun. But it was a wonderful exchange. Also.. when we were on exchange we went to visit a family and one of the kids had strep throat, hope I didn't pick it up from one of them! It's not quite as bad as strep throat I think. I'll gargle with saltwater when I get back to our house :) I did take some daytime flu medicine this morning that has helped alot. 
I think I am under the weather because it has been really cold this week! It has been colder here than in Utah ( we have Siri on our ipads so I ask her for the weather all of the time) and I checked one day and it was colder here than in Utah! Crazy! And we were outside a lot on Saturday because it was a car fast day. And then yesterday morning I woke up not feeling good. Hopefully it'll go away. 

We had Zone Conference this week as well, which was wonderful. Sister Craven gave a training on obedience and dilligence. The Assistants had Sister Chandler and I do a role play in front of everyone! We role played introducing the Book of Mormon with pictures. It is a wonderful way to invite someone to read the Book of Mormon. 
Well I love you all, the church is true, and I'm going back to bed. Thanks for all of the love and support. :)

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