Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17

Hello everyone! This was a wonderful week. Monday we went with two other companionships of sisters out to get frozen yogurt and shopping at Old navy, Marshalls, and a few other stores. It was fun, and it felt weird to be "out shopping with the girls". And we definitely made a scene all out in our skirts and nametags.

Monday night we taught a less active couple with the relief society president. She is great. We have been trying to get in to visit this couple for a while and we were excited to teach them. They were hesitant about talking about what had happened and why they didn't come to church anymore, but as we see them more hopefully they'll warm up to us. We are excited to work with them more and help them come back to the gospel.

Tuesday we did our service. We go visit people at a nursing home who don't get visits alot. It is always great to help me gain perspective on life, and how the gospel really is so important, and at the end of life it's all that matters. It is so neat to see people who still have Faith in Jesus Christ and to see how it has blessed their lives and helped them. We sing with them and talk with them. We are also slowly but surely trying to share the gospel with the nurses there. :) One of them pulled out a scrapbook with all of these old pictures, and some of the older pictures reminded me of Mom and Dad's pictures of growing up and in their high school and college days. 

Wednesday we had District Meeting. Let's say our District Meetings haven't been as spiritual because we have some 18 year old Elders who are.. learning to be missionaries and not high schoolers. It's so weird that I am almost 4 years older than them. They'll learn though :) I can't say I would have been more mature at 18 either! After District Meeting we went out to lunch, it's always fun to get to know people and have lunch with each other. We went finding afterwards for a little bit in the rain, and then we saw one of the recent converts (baptized before I came) she's wonderful. We saw her in her Home Teachers home, and we talked about the Priesthood. She has 2 boys of baptismal age that she wants us to teach, but we have to get permission from the fathers. We are hoping we'll be able to do that! And on Sunday she said she's working on it :) She is wonderful and so strong. It's amazing to see how fast someone can learn and grow in the gospel. Recent converts really build my testimony. Tonight we saw the couple we met last week and taught with the members.. and think unfortunately they ran into a lot of anti material. They seemed closed off and something had definitely changed. We were deciding if it was beneficial for us to keep meeting, he asked us if we wanted to continue to meet even though he "wasn't going to change, but wanted to discuss doctrine" aka. we were afraid he wanted to bash. So I read in Moroni 10:3-5 and we explained real intent. We explained that if we were going to continue to meet, he has to be willing to ask God if what we say is true, and be willing to act on that answer. He wasn't.. so we left on a good note. 

Thursday we had weekly planning and it was also my Companions birthday. So I used the signs (Mom I have the signs leftover from my birthday last year that you sent in my suitcase and I use it for my companions birthdays, it's genius!) I decorated our house and was trying to make her feel special. A member also took us out to lunch so that was fun. We visited a less active and were able to teach her what we have been learning about Christlike Attributes and she really enjoyed it. She really enjoys our visits. She's less active mostly because of health reasons, but she was at church this week, which was wonderful! 

Friday we were out knocking doors because an appointment with a Recent Convert cancelled. We were able to meet a guy named Buddy. He was very nice. He talked to us on his porch about his love for the bible and his love for Jesus Christ. We talked with him a little about what we believed. At first he was hesitant about the Book of Mormon, but after we explained what it was and how it didn't go against the bible, he was more open to listening. He said he would read it and he wanted us to come back and talk to him about it! Great. We went on exchanges with the Sharon Sisters. It's funny not being a Sister Training Leader anymore. So I got to learn from them this time! It was great. I stayed in my area and one of them came here. She's a great Sister from Salt Lake. She's so fun and we had a great time. We were able to see some recent converts on Friday night, and on Saturday we were out street contacting in downtown. That's always great because there are so many people out on Saturdays. We had dinner with a nice family, and then went up to the stake center for Stake conference, and that's where we exchanged back. The focus was hastening the work. One of the Sisters in our mission spoke, one returned missionary spoke, one investigator even spoke (he has been going to church with his wife for 20 years and finally is getting baptized, he has a neat testimony) and the stake president, and president craven. Very amazing spiritual meeting. After, one of the members said "wow, you must feel like one of the most important people walking the earth right now!" It is really exciting to be a missionary at this time when the work is hastening and the church is so focused on it! It helps our cause :) And on the way home we got a ride with members who are both returned missionaries and we talked about missions, and transfers, and they talked about after the mission, mission reunions, etc. Good times. 

Sunday was the normal session of Stake Conference. One of our Stake Presidency members spoke, and then we had a broadcast from Salt Lake where a member of the 70 spoke, a member of the primary general presidency, and Elder Perry spoke. It was really neat and all about hastening the work, of course. Members and missionaries working together. We had dinner with a great member family and talked about how they can help us, and they have a daughter at BYU who just graduated and is home now working and wants to come out with us. So that's exciting.

Our investigator, Dee, is now transferred to the area where she lives. We hope she'll continue to progress there. 

OH and yesterday we got transfer calls. Sister Stewart is getting transferred, and I am staying! It's a little scary because she's been here for a while, she knows the area and I hope I can not mess things up! We have some great recent converts and we are hoping to find many more people to teach. But it's comforting to know that this is the Lord's harvest, not mine so I don't need to worry! I wonder who my new companion will be. This will be my 13th companion! Crazyness! 

This week we are studying about knowledge. My goal is to learn something new every day. 

Today I am spending some time at the library making a list of classes I need and sending it to Mike for my registration date! It's exciting but really strange. 

Love you all! thanks for the support and love.

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