Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

Okay first of all all of you who are not on missions should go listen to the song "22" by Taylor Swift right now because I don't know about you, but I'M FEELIN 22!! Sister Perez decorated the cake Mom sent me in the mail and put up the signs.. and a great member took us out to breakfast this morning.. and we are going to have a Zone Activity playing games at a park this afternoon.. so it's going to be a great birthday! I love being with other missionaries! It's the best! 

This week has been great. So a few weeks ago we had a media referral for a man who ordered a bible off of LDS.org. We went and brought it to him with a member and taught him about the restoration. He had surgery after and wasn't able to meet with us. We hadn't heard from his in a few weeks, and we had dinner with someone in that area so we stopped by. We were walking down the street and talked to a kid and we asked him his name and he said the name of our investigator. Turns out it was his son, and he came home as we were talking, we taught them both. We taught them both. It is a mom and dad and 2 kids. The Dad and one of the kids came to church on Sunday and they are so great. I think they had a great experience at church and they seemed to like it. Our WML talked to them after and they wanted to come back. Pray that they'll keep progressing! The Duncan family!

So we also taught our Nigerian friend. We went and taught him and his mother in law was there, she was not that interested and not that happy that we were there. BUT at the end we also got to meet his wonderful family, he has a wife who is probably in her 40's but looks like she's 16. It's crazy. And they have like 5 kids and they are so great!!!! We are hoping to start to teach the whole family. They are devout 7th Day Adventists. The Dad said he would start reading the Book of Mormon, now we clarified that Joseph Smith DID NOT write it, and that we also believe in the Bible. They are so NICE>>> love this family. 

FUNNY MOMENT: We did our service at the nursing home, I love going there and talking to people. It was so funny, my companion and I talked to this old lady in the lounge and she was like "Do you have boyfriends? Why NOT! You are pretty! You should get one!!!" There is also this old lady who lives there, but she thinks she works there, and she was like "I can help you get a job here, I work here and I love it!" Ha. 

Saturday was a long day.. it was car fast, so we were walking alot.. and it was pouring rain all day.. and we only had 1 appointment.. so we walked there, it was like 2 miles in the pouring rain and stayed around there for a while.. came back and dried our coats in the dryer.. went back out for a few hours, dried our coats in the dryer again. We had dinner with a great member family though, who made yummy enchiladas and we did Easter Eggs after dinner! SO fun! 

Easter Sunday was great, great speakers. Our recent convert and her husband weren't there.. they were sick again this week. After church we taught the restoration to a family we didn't know very well and it was great. I love teaching members.We had a family have us over for Easter Dinner who had like 3 different families over! It was crazy busy and loud but it was fun! Felt right at home. They sent us home with a LOT of leftovers though too. We will be eating them for a while. We also went to our old lady neighbors house and shared the Because of Him video with her and talked to her about what she believes. 

We had District Meeting on Wednesday and had great role plays on teaching now and being bold. It was great. Sometimes it's hard to find the balance though between teaching now and taking the time to actually get to know someone. Because you have to find relevance for them, and they have to know how much you care before they care how much you know. Anyway.. we went to lunch after District Meeting and we went to SAMS! I didn't even know there was a Sams club in the area but there IS! It made me so happy! Made me think of all of the times Mom and I go to lunch at Sams at home :) 

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Can't wait to see pictures. 

Can't believe the time is going so fast, this week will start the less than 3 months countdown! 

My trainer is coming back into town and I am going to lunch with her on Wednesday! So excited. It'll be strange though.. she'll be a pants wearing, phone using PERSON! Strange. Ha.

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