Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 7

Happy Fourth of July!
​Hello everyone! So I am inland from the hurricane, but we did have a
little rain but mostly cloudy and overcast weather, which was perfect
for bike week!

Well we did have a little trouble, sister c got a flat tire, we went
to wal-mart to get a new tube and they didn't have he right size!
Apparently her bike is a special size and they only have it in another
area. We are going to have to drive quite a ways today to get it so
she can bike again, but now we got the car back for this week, so
that's good!

One of the members is doing foster care, and she is fostering a 16
year old girl who has learned a lot about the church already. She has
gone to young women's and learned a lot, she basically taught us the
restoration and the plan of salvation. She is so solid. It's amazing
how much The Lord prepares the hearts of people to receive the gospel.
She is wanting to be baptized, and we are going to set a date when we
see her again this week!

We found a few new less actives *returning members :) to teach this
week. One is an older man who lives on his own, and hasn't been to
church in years. And one is a lady who got divorced from her husband
who is still in the Ward, she still has a testimony but she doesn't
feel comfortable, with him there. Hopefully we can help her maybe go
to a different branch or something.

People down here love Christian music and at a frozen yogurt shop this
week, we heard them playing an efy cd! We were like woah we didn't
know people loved efy music but they do! Funny.

We had a great zone meeting this week and the zone leaders talked
about overcoming fear, how to overcome our fear of talking with
everyone and how to be bold.  They had some tiny raptors and a giant
T-Rex and talked about how our faith can be strong enough to overcome
our fears.

On the Fourth of July we went down to a huge Fourth of July festival
and got to contact and give out a ton of pas along cards and talk to
people. There were so many people there!

Today we went out to lunch with a recently returned sister missionary
and a sister who is going to the MTC soon, it was fun to have people
at all different levels there, rm, missionaries, and someone with a
mission call. We went to a museum downtown and just has a blast :)

I love this gospel and I know it is true. I know that God lives, and
that He loves us. I know that the Book of Mormon is His word. If it
weren't, it wouldn't testify so much of Him! I am so grateful that I
get the chance to share it for a little longer. I want to share it
with everyone while I can. I am sprinting till the end! These last two
weeks are going to be the best and hardest working two weeks of my
mission. Thank you for all your love and support. :)

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