Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 30

Hello everyone! I hope that you had a great week :) My companion and I
just went out to lunch at Olive Garden and so that was fun :) Yummy!!!
I am full and happy. Also we are on bikes this week, so I will
definitely burn it off.

Tuesday we did service at the he food bank again. That is such a neat
experience. I am so glad that we get to do that. It's great to help
people who really need it and who don't have enough. I decided that
this time I will take a mental note of the people who come get food of
where they live so we can go find on their streets. It's probably
legal... Also we heard of a member who was found about 19 years ago
because the missionaries were searching the newspaper of people who
recently had a baby or marriage announcements or death announcements
and they would go to those addresses. Has anybody tried that? Sounds
like a good idea.

Wednesday one of our members took us out to lunch with one of her
nonmember friends. They are both funny old ladies. We had a good
conversation about the Book of Mormon, what it is and why it is
important. Then on the way home she also took us to see her mother and
aunt and we taught them as well. Go members!

Thursday we had Zone conference all day! I love meetings! It was so
great. I loved it. The zone leaders trained about having the same fire
for missionary work and the same dependence on The Lord as we did a
year ago, a year ago a lot of people on the mission were new, and
people like me were trainers after 5 weeks, and we didn't know what we
were doing, we really had to rely on The Lord, but are we relying on
Him as much now as we did then? President trained on finding and gave
some great suggestions and we had some great role plays about talking
with everyone and talking to people on different situations, like at a
restaurant or at a park. The more people we talk to, the more people
we teach! I want to be better at talking with everyone.

Thursday after zone conference we went on exchanges. I went to high
point with sister Nielsen. I have been with her 3 times. We had a real
good time. She's fun and we have gotten close. We talked a lot about
what we have learned on our missions. And she asked a lot of advise
about being a sister training leader, what advise I had for her. We
also talked to a crazy guy who thought he was a prophet. And talked to
a teenage girl named Alma, gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to
read the book of alma. :)

So we are teaching this lady who has been kind of flaky and we haven't
been able to see much but apparently they had a really good with her
while on exchange, so that's good. :) She was taught about 10 years
ago by elders and knows that what they said is true, reads the Book of
Mormon but feels like she has to quit smoking before she learns more
and comes to church, we are seeing her with a great member tonight and
we are going to help her get over that. :) The 9 year old we haven't
seen this week because her Dad has been at work :(

We had a great lesson with Lashea on Saturday.  We tracked into her
last week and have and taught her twice. She is a sweet single Mother
in her early 20's. She is just a really happy, she's quiet and soft
spoken. I really like her and I think we would be friends in real
life. We brought a great member with us and I am really excited to see
her progress!

FUNNY/CRAZY STORY: The member who went with us on Saturday, turns out
she was a missionary on our mission about a year ago, she came out
just a little before me. She served here in Salisbury for 9 months and
was teaching this less active guy and helping him get back to church.
At one point, they were going to give up and the spirit said "you
can't give up on your husband" She was like what? And turns out like a
month later, she had some really bad health problems and went home,
turned around and came back and married him and now they live in our
Ward. It's a crazy story, the way she tells it is hilarious!

We are on bikes this week. Pray for cool weather! Please. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also I got my flight itinerary and release letter in the mail this
week. Woah! Who said that could happen! I didn't know wether to cry or
be excited. I kind of feel like I have been like Rapunzel in tangled
when she leaves her stepmothers and is like "BEST DAY EVER" and then
"Oh no what have I done" I feel like I am super excited to see my
family and have a real life, but I know that this time will never come
again, I guess I will make the most of it while I can! Love ya'll!!

Sister Jenny Forsyth

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