Monday, February 4, 2013

First week in the field!

So the first days we were here we stayed at the mission home, (The Sisters did, the Elders went and stayed with other Elders nearby). By the way, we doubled the ammount of Sisters in the mission in the transfer that I came in :)  They let us go to bed early the first night because we had all been up since 3 AM. (we left Provo at 4) and we were tired. The next day we had training all day and we were supposed to go to our areas on Wednesday morning. But that night, some trainers showed up and President Craven brought me and a few other Sisters in and said he wasn't sure how this was going to work, but he just knew this was what the Lord wanted. He put us into a Quad-panionship. So three of us to one trainer! There are just too many sisters and not enough trainers. It's good, we have been teaching together which is interesting. It's hard to teach with 3 other people, and kind of intimidating for the people who we teach! But we try to split up when finding or tracting. But we also only have 1 phone, so we can't go too far. But President is getting us another phone in a day or two. 
 But our area, Mountain Island, is nearby so we just went into the car and got my stuff and left. The Sisters told me on the way home they baptized 9 people last week! Woah! They found a family of 14. 12 kids to the same 2 parents, only one set of twins, and all of the ones who were old enough were baptized last Saturday! But Satan was working hard on them and they actually lost their home because of a miscommunication with their renter of their home. So an angel of a member, let them all into her home. And it's not even that big, and she has 2 kids of her own! So there are 18 people living in one tiny house. It's kind of funny. But we have been over there a few times and they were supposed to get confirmed on Sunday but they all got sick and were throwing up and weren't able to make it. One of then is even in Surgery right now. So they've had a lot of trials leading up to and after their baptism. But I know that as we were praying for them the thought came to me that Satan doesn't want them to get confirmed! As soon as we can we'll get them confirmed, the Bishop even wants to do it in their home if they are well enough before Sunday. But they are great and very funny.

Another guy got baptized last week too, he was a drug addict, alcoholic, and smoked pot every day when the Sisters found him while tracting, and he was very ready to receive the gospel because he was at a very low point  in his life. He blessed the sacrament this week and is ready to go to the temple. 
The Sisters found a lady at a Christmas Fireside who was very interested in learning more, because she felt something different. But they didn't get her contact infor because she said she was coming to church the next day, and they were in a rush to get somewhere. She was sick, and wasn't able to come, and the sisters weren't able to find her again since Christmas. But yesterday at Church, one of the Ward members knew who she was and told us where she lived! We were on our way to a fireside from the Mission President for new members, but we stopped by her house really quick last night. She is a cardiologist and very intelligent woman with 2 kids, 9 and 12. They are all very prepared to receive the gospel. We gave her a quick overview of the Restoration and she accepted and beleived it all and said it was logical and made sense and asked when she could be baptized! We had only been there like 10 minutes. So we said she would have to come to church and take the discussions but she could in a few weeks! She was very excited. She said she has known a mormon when she was little that her Mom said was a good lady, and her Daughter's piano teacher was also Mormon and she thought she was a good person, and when she found out she was a Mormon too, she thought there might be something to that and that's why she showed up to our church that day. She said she felt something different though and didn't know of any other church that was patterened after Christ's church.
Oh we also taught a referral we got from a member. She is a cute middle aged black lady. We taught her the first discussion and the spirit was so strong and she definitley felt something, but she was scared. It was a saturday and we invited her to go to church with us.She still said she wanted to go to her church the next day, but that she would pray about it and talk to her pastor. We told her to ask God, not her pastor! But the next day she did go to her church and talk to her pastor, so we set up and appointment to see her at 3:00 that day so that we could see her right after her church. But when we got back, we saw her peek through the curtains and snap the blinds and pretend she wasn't home. Apparently the talk with her preacher didn't go so well. We tried to warn her though, and to get her information from God. I told her doing what God wants her to do, and pleasing him is so much more important than what other people at her church think is right. But she is scared to act on what the felt when we were there and has lots of friends at her church and didn't want to change. We'll keep calling her and showing up at her door though. I knocked for 10 minutes and even called and left a voice mail while we were on the doorstep. Ha ha :) 
Oh we do tract into a lot of preachers. One wouldn't let us in his house but talked to us on the doorstep. He was nice to us, but told us we didn't beleive in the same god and that the Book of Mormon was false, and tried to bible bash. I have learned, and what they have told us at training, is you don't pull out your bible, you pull out your book of mormon. When you testify of that, there's no denying it. So I just look him in the eyes and told him I knew from my heart it was the Word of God, and he didn't have anything to say and went back to telling us how our beleif in the trininty was wrong. We weren't going anywhere and he went back inside. We decided to come back 5 minutes later and we just left a book of mormon with our testimony of it on the cover on his doorstep. My trainer says I am bery bold.. ha ha. I just have no problem telling people what I beleive and (nicely) calling people to repent who aren't coming to church It's fun :)
Things are going good though, and we have a car right now, but we are going to be on BIKES ONLY soon enough! AH! And our area is about 30 miles wide. I have never ridden a bike more than 1 mile in my life. This will be fun.
Oh and Elder Nielson is speaking to us on Saturday, that will be fun!
Oh so Sister Bowman (trainer) and Sister Anderson are both from Utah but the other Sister, Sister Charles is from the Carribean. So she is freezing cold all of the time and we had to go to Wal Mart and get her all new warmer clothes!

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