Monday, February 18, 2013

It snowed here.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! It SNOWED here on Saturday night! It was so fun. Sister Charles is from the Carribean and has never seen snow. She turned into a little kid playing out in the snow and we all had fun. Everyone was so excited because it hardly ever snows here, maybe once every 3 years and it never sticks, but this time we got a few inches on the ground! It was funny because they actually cancelled church and everything on Sunday because of the snow!! We did have a chance to go to the 1:00 ward's sacrament meeting at least.

This week has been good, Sister Charles and Sister Bowman have been sick so the work has been slowed down a little bit but they are feeling much better now and are ready to go. The Members here are so wonderful and supportive of us. They feed us almost every night.

We had New Missionaries training this week with all of the New Missionaries and our trainers. They said we had better be prepared to become trainers at the end of our 12 week training! President Craven said we are training you to be trainers, as well as missionaries, but all of us will most likely be training a lot of our mission because of all of the new sisters coming in! Oh and at training the lady from the Bike store was there and all of us Sisters test drove the bikes. They seem fun. When we need one, I'm not sure it just depends on what area you are in. But probably very soon.
Anyway I have to go, we are about to go on a Hike with our District. I love the missionaries in our district, they are great. Like family. But our buisness center at our apartment complex only has one computer, and with 4 of us we have actually been using members home to email.
This Satuday we hear about Transfers because they are a week from Wednesday. It'll be interesting to see if President keeps us together or splits us up or what. Technically the other three sisters I am with will be done all of their training and could all become trainers of other missionaries next transfer. We'll see what happens!
P.S I have been reading Jesus the Christ and it is incredible. Today I read the chapter about the "Long Night of the Apostasy" I love reading about the apostasy because sometimes, down here in the Bible belt, I feel like I am LIVING in the Apostasy. We met a man yesterday who is a Catholic through and through. It's who he is, it's his family, it's his everything. He was very kind to us though and was willing to let us talk to him and his family about Christ and we are going  to meet with him and his family on Tuesday.
Life is good and the gospel is true! Thanks for all of your support and love and everything you do.

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