Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mountain Island

Hello from Mountain Island, North Carolina!
This week has been great. Like I said, I am in a quad-panionship which is interesting. But we only have 1 car and 1 phone, so we have to stick together and we all teach together but we tract seperate ways sometimes but we can't go far without 2 phones! But it's fun and we are learning to make it work. We were in a 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment and two of us were sleeping on the floor. But yesterday we moved into a 2 bedroom 2 bath so we can now sleep on beds and have 2 showers! Yay for beds! Some of the brothers in the Ward came and helped us move.
This week we have learned a lot about opposition. We have seen in so many of the people we teach that Satan will get to them! Every single person we teach has car troubles, family troubles, pastors or people of other churches talking them out of meeting with us, and we have seen 3 people go to the hospital and lots more people just get sick and have all of these other trials right after we start to teach them. The Lord is hastening his work, but Satan is trying to hasten his too! We have been trying to warn people about it as we teach them the first lesson that they probably will have opposition as we meet with them, but that is a sign that they are on the right track, and Satan doesn't want them to be happy and have this truth! But we have had a lot of good experiences and new investigators this week too. As we were tracting seperately one day this week, I felt like we should knock on this one door for some reason. Sometimes you don't know if it is a prompting, but if it's good you do it anyway. So we did, and this lady let us right in and said she was searching for Jesus. We do in our mission the "Savior's peace and blessing" as we tract, which is just leaving a prayer for them and their family, and include anyone else who needs it. Then we ask them about the spirit they felt and ask if they want to learn more. I wasn't sure about it at first, but it's been really effective in this area where so many people are Christian! But anyway. We did the Savior's peace and blessing with her. It was my first time doing the actual prayer. But I definitley felt inspiration and the spirit as I prayed for her and her family. She said she felt the presence of God. My companion said I don't know who was talking when you said that, but it wasn't you! Ha. She was at work (she works at home) while we were there and she said she had to go but she gave us 5 minutes. We gave her a 5 minute version of the restoration and my companion invited her to be baptized! I was surprised, but she said yes and we are working with her to get her ready!
The one Sister, Sister Charles from the Carribean, who his black, is breaking down racial barriers in our area. Almost all of our investigators are black and they said they have been told that the church is racist and doesn't allow black people and all of these false things and we have Sister Charles here for a reason for sure! Even if she is freezing all of the time and not used to the weather here.
Yesterday we had Mission Conference with Elder Nelson. We all got to shake his hand and he spoke to us and basically did a 2 hour question and answer session. I'll try to write the questions/answers I remember. Someone asked him how you can prepare to have the most spiritual experience at the temple. He said "That one's easy, go for your own family members!" Someone asked him how to be the most sucessful missionary you can be. He said 4 things: 1. Smile 2. Sing! He said the hymns bring a spirit that melts people's hearts and says things that you can't. He said David Archuleta is the most sucessful missionary in the Church because he sings all of the time! He said you don't have to sound like David Archuleta, but just sing and use the power of music. And I think that is one of the reasons we are in a group of 4 because 4 voices together can bring the spirit more powerfully than 2! And all 4 of us have musical experience. We are going to start using that for sure. 3 Teach Doctrine clearly and simply 4. Testify from the heart.
The weather is good. It's been a little bit overcast and rainy this week but not too cold. It probably averages in the 50's.
The Members are so great and we have been fed almost every night. Yum.
For the rest of ya'll (yes I said ya'll) if you want to mail anything send it to the Mission Office and they'll forward it to me.
Sister Forsyth
3020 Hilliard Drive
Charlotte, NC
Oh I love playing Basketball as a missionary. Because the Elders aren't allowed to block Sisters! So it's like I have a giant bubble around me and I can do what I want ha ha. It's the best.
Picture of our Zone eating at Bojangles :

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