Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello from Lincolnton!

So I just wrote an email and accidentally deleted the whole thing and my time is running out. But..... I'll give you the highlights. 
My new area is awesome. And Sister Thacker is my companion. She's wonderful and from Hooper, Utah. She's 19! We are opening a new area!! Basically the ward we are in is super huge and the Elders were never able to get to everywhere, so now the Ward has Elders AND Sisters. We are on the East, the Elders on the West. Because of that, we don't have alot to go off of. It's a lot different than my last area where we had a lot of investigators and just a lot going on. They don't really have anything for us to start we have been working hard and tracting and finding a lot. But I know that we neasure our success on our DESIRE to fulfill our purpose and our worthiness and work, not on how many people use their agency to choose to listen. So we have been very sucessful, because we have definitley been working our tails off and tracting and finding! We have been visiting Less Actives and part members a lot as well. It's amazing how people's hearts are softened towards Sisters. There was one family we visited where the Husband grew up in the church, converted his girlfriend, and they were married in the temple. Now it's years later and they have fallen away. He has two children. He let us in and is willing for us to teach his family and wants to try and come back. The Bishop said he has never let Elders or anyone visit him before!
I am doing great and working hard. Oh and we have a car, it's a Chevy Cruise and I get to drive it now :) It's fun :) it's fancy and I don't know what to do with all of the buttons.

We don't have any CD's but the Elders let us borrow one called "The Work: A Nashville tribute to the Missionaries" and it's wonderful!
Love you all thanks for the support!

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