Thursday, March 21, 2013


It's been another week of working hard! We are getting the ball rolling and the work moving in this area. We have been working hard, being exactly obedient, and working with members and less actives and part members as much as we can. And that's all we can do, and all the Lord can expect of us. We have been tracting and finding a lot more than teaching, but that's to be expected when opening a new area!
Sister Thacker is wonderful and she is a hard worker! She is only 19 but very mature for her age. She's hilarious and is a great missionary already. 
The Elders in our ward have had the same concerns about how to get the ball rolling in our ward, and we sat down and talked with Bishop yesterday. We know that we need to involve members in the work more! We sat down with him and made a game plan that we are super excited about. We are going to focus on one area at a time and "blitzkreig" it. Until now, the Elders have stayed on their side of the ward and we have stayed on ours. But we had a Zone Conference this week where they said that we don't have too. So that got us to thinking, and when we talked with Bishop this is what we came up with. Basically we are going to work with the Elders and with the members in a specific section of the ward, and put all of our efforts and focus on it at once, visiting all of the Less Actives, receiving referrals, the members in that area will hold cottage meetings in their houses where people can learn about the gospel, hold a family history conference/information night at another members house, and basically just focus on one area of the map/ward for a few weeks or a month at a time and then go to another! Blitzkreig!
We have prayed about it and the Elders and us both felt like we should work in a certain area, so that's where we are starting and we are excited to get the ball rolling! Oh and Sister Thacker had a brilliant idea too that we are going to implement. We are going to do a "40 day fast" where each member family that we eat with will fast for the missionary effort that day that they feed the missionaries, and then over 40 days we will have 40 days of fasting! Or if the Elders and us eat at different homes every night for 20 nights, then we could have 40 days of fasting in 20 days.
Super exciting things and we can't wait to get the ball rolling! 
Love you all, thanks for the support!!!

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