Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Week of this (third) transfer!

Hello family and friends!

I love Heather's pictures from the Philipines, they are so cool! And Steve' pictures from Sweeden. It's amazing how we are all doing the same work, in different parts of the world! :) It's different in a lot of ways, but it's similar in some ways.

This week an investigator was out of town, so she wasn't able to come to church so we'll have to move her baptismal date. But she's still reading the Book of Mormon and so excited! She's visiting her Mom in West Virginia for two weeks. She called us last night though and told us she bought some skirts she could wear to church, and was asking questions about her Book of Mormon reading! She's so sweet. Yayyyyy!
We met with the daughters of the less active parents again and they are so sweet. The younger one said she hadn't read in the Book of Mormon much but the older one who is 11 told us how she felt the spirit when she read it and she loved it! I know that even children can feel of the spirit of it! She said she would read with her Sister. Aww :) And their other Sister who han't been interested before wants to have discusions with us too! YAY! They weren't able to come to church because of a camp this weekend but hopefully next weekend! 

We saw the Less Active family we're working hard with, again, that we have been trying to meet with FOREVER. They got married in the temple about 12 years ago and have been not active ever since. The Mom works, but the Dad just boats on Sundays. When we got there he was like "I'm not coming back to church just so you know." We shared a message with him and his daughters though, and his sweet 7 year old girl started reading the Book of  Mormon and was like "Wow, this is true!" We were like "How do you know that?" She's like "Because it talks of Jesus and it's good. It makes me feel good." She read from it in her cute 7 year old voice and her father started tearing up. I think he knows he needs to come back! At the end we committed them to read and the Dad said he would. We weren't going to mention church because he had been so defensive about it earlier but his daughter jumped up and was like "SOOOO WHEN'S CHURCH?!? DADDY CAN WE GO PLEASE PLEASE!!!" :) It was awesome! Hearts are softening! Children are the key to bringing a lot of these Less Active families back :) Children are so close to the spirit!

We had a Zone Conference on Thursday and it was most of the day. I love zone conferences/district meetings! Being around other missionaries is just so great. President Craven talked all about planning and how to effectively "Plan with a purpose" instead of "scheduling". We have been trying to apply it, planning with the Spirit seeing where we can go and who we could see the next day instead of just "scheduling."

We did meet with Charlene again, she's the 9 year old daughter of the less active (who has been coming for the past month so is no longer less active) :) and she's good for her baptismal date of the 8th of June! Her grandpa is an active member and he's going to baptize her :) :)

And the one Sister's husband is softening again. It was his birthday this week so we took him balloons and his favorite cookies :) She said it made his day! Awesome!

We did do a "MTC night" with the youth for mutual this week. We did different stations where they could practice different aspects of being a missionary. It was super fun! They loved it. The Young Women's president said one of the young women in the ward told her after it helped her consider going on a mission :)

We met with the couple who is friends with our Stake President and it went really well! They were really facinated and wanted to read the Book of Mormon. They are funny and it was fun teaching them. We called our Stake President about coming with us to an appoitnment with them (even if he doesn't live in our ward)... They weren't able to come to church this Sunday, but we have an appointment with them again on Tuesday! They said they'd be baptized when they knew it was true, and they wanted to come and try it out!

We are continuing to work hard! Transfers are next week, we'll get the call on Saturday about whose staying and whose going! We'll see!!!!

Thanks for all of the love and support!

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