Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Transfers tomorrow, possible I change missions

Hello Family and friends! Today is P Day, because yesterday was memorial day and the library was closed.

Our investigators are doing great! Susan came to church, and she has a baptismal date. We had a lesson with her this week about the Word of Wisdom, and she threw away her cigarettes before we even got there to teach her the stop smoking lesson. She had already done it! It was awesome. I love her. She loves the Book of Mormon too, and is reading it like crazy and has lots of questions! It just shows the power and beauty that is in the book. I know it's truly from God, as I see people's lives change because of it.

Bishop came with us to see Bernard and his wife. He is the one who is friends with our Stake President. They came to church and loved it! They also love the Book of Mormon :)

And Charlene came to church with her Mom and is getting baptized on June 8th! Woot woot! She is so cute and she loves church.

On Saturday though, I got the call that I am being transferred!!!! Don't know where yet, but Sister Thacker and Sister Cowley are staying here in Lincolnton East and I am going to another new area with a new sister to train. I had kind of felt it all week though, almost like I knew it was coming so I tried to get Sister Thacker and Sister Cowley ready for it. Of course I will miss them, but they will do great!

If I get sent to a certain Zone, the Ashville Zone, it will be a part of the Knoxville, Tennesee mission! I could be going to a different mission today.. that's crazy. We'll see! That would be a big change, but I know I am here to serve, no matter where!

Mike mentioned he wants to hear more stories/ funny things that happen... uh..well yesterday we were visiting a less active named "Tim Putt" and we were praying in the car before we went in and Sister Thacker accidentally said "Tim BUTT" in her prayer and we all started laughing really hard. Silly moment of the week I guess..

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