Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day weekend

Helloooo family and friends!!!!!

Good to talk to you yesterday everyone! Love you Mom and Dad. :) Especially HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to the best mother in the world!

Heather sounds like she's doing good in the Philipines and has way cool pictures.

This week was good, we worked hard. Whew. We have been working hard to get members involved in the work and get referrals and work with their family and friends!

We also have been focusing on "Harvesting" or when we leave a blessing on them and their home, pray for them and their home. That's what we have been asked to do in our mission. It's from Alma 10 ( I think!) We have found a few new investigators this way!

We were out and we ran into this guy who is friends with our Stake President (who is awesome) and had met with Elders before but they got transferred and stopped coming. He thought what we were doing was nice, and he said he was interested in learning more and had a few questions. So we are meeting with him and his wife this week!

We left the Saviors Peace and Blessing ( the prayer for them and their home) with a man about a month ago who said we could come back and have a discussion, but never called. We stopped by his house because we were in his neighboorhood and he said come on in! We taught the Restoration to him and his wife. It went really well and the spirit was strong! He was like "Why do you keep saying this is "true?" what does that mean?" His wife was like "If this is true, we need to be mormon!" Ha ha. She was like " Dont' worry, I speak his language. I have to translate for you." We laughed. They were out of town this weekend, but we're going to hopefully meet with them again this week!

We finally got in with this Less Active that we have been trying to catch FOREVER. She was home, and we taught her and her daughters. Her daughters are adorable. She says she still has a testimony, but just works on Sundays and so can never come. But her husband doesn't and he could take the girls to church. He was with his parents this week though..

The Johnson girls were supposed to be baptized on May 25th but their Mom is preganant and due in the beginning of July. All of her family is coming into town for the baby blessing and so she told us she wants to wait until the baby is born, and do it all in the same weekend when everyone is there :( Sad for us, because we might not be here. But the most important thing is they still want to be baptized and are reading and praying and coming to church.

Charlene, the daughter of a less active, is 9 and she's so cute.  Her Mom is not really Less Active anymore because she's been coming to church for the past 3 weeks! Woot! We met with her this week and we finally got Charlene to talk to us. She never really talks. But they did come to church, and her grandpa went down in the baptismal font with her and practiced so she wouldn't be scared. We talked to her mom and she says Charlene wants to be baptized June 8th! Woot! She's scared of water though, so we may have to practice a few more times.

Another lady we left the Saviors Peace and Blessing with we committed to be baptized but hasn't come to church but she finally came yesterday! She loved it and had a good experience. She said she felt like everything was true, and she felt like it was a big family! Aw! During the sacrament, she was like "Is this where Jesus says "This do in rememberance of my body and blood?" I was like YESSSSS SUSAN!!! She went to Gospel Principles and tried to sneak out after that but I put my arm around her and was like "Releif society is the best partttt!!!!" and walked her back into the room and she stayed the whole 3 blocks!! YAY! We saw her after church and she said she felt good, and she committed for June 1st to be baptized! Woot! Church is awesome.

Other than that we have been tracting and working really hard! My companions you met on Google hangout yesterday, they are great and hilarious. We have a good time. We laugh a lot. Probably too much.

Everything is great here, thanks for all of the love and support! I am doing well, happy, healthy, and working hard!

Everyone down here says "Have a blessed day"

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