Monday, July 8, 2013

Baptism and Transfers!

What a wonderful week! We were very blessed to be a part of Dana and Carl's baptism on Saturday! It was amazing. What an incredible experience to see someone enter the waters of baptism. It's a pretty incredible story the way they found out about the church. Her parents are converts, they got baptized when she was 7, so she wasn't old enough. Her parents got divorced, her Dad is still member who lives in a different ward in Raleigh. He has been praying for years and years that Dana will join the church and find the truth. When our Bishop went on vacation to the beach he went to a ward there and the Bishop was saying "My daughter lives in Huntersville, you need to go find her" He gave her her address and lo and behold Dana and Carl live right between two members. They went over and introduced themselves. They were friends, but never invited them to take discussions. Right before we got there, missionaries knocked on her door and she let them in and they started teaching! After a week, that's when Sister Diaz and I got transferred into the area and we started teaching. They were so prepared and so cute. She made cinnamon rolls every time we came and they have been "golden investigators" keeping every commitment we left with them. Dana has been ready for baptism since day 1, she says she just was waiting on her Husband. She says she knew the church was true since she was little and that Elders would come to her door one day, and she'd let them in. She was just waiting for them! Crazy! Then they came to church and loved it and have gotten a lot of Ward support and it has just been an amazing experience to be a part of it. They are so sweet, and Dana's Dad was able to come to the baptism. Their neighbor, who is a member, performed the baptism and Dana's Dad did the confirmation. Dana's Dad asked me and Sister Diaz what our names were and thanked us with tears in his eyes. He said we might not remember him but he would remember us. It reaffirmed to me that I am doing the right thing, and moments like that make everything worth it. 
We are working to keep finding New Investigators! Escalator effect, not elevator. As President Craven says. Filling an escalator with people to teach at different points in the teaching process along the way, not just finding one at a time, focusing on them and then dropping to the bottom to find someone else. 
We have been visiting a lot of the Less Actives. There are about 12 part member or less active part member families in the Ward we have been trying to work with! Yesterday I fasted that they will be able to meet with us, because especially less actives are very hesitant to set appointments. 

We were tracting the other day and a woman was like "Oh ya, my husband is a member of your church" we looked for his name on our records, but didn't see anyone by his name. She said to come by when he was home. We came by and we met him. He said all of his family is in Utah and are active, but he has gone less active in the 10 years or so since he's been in North Carolina. But he wants to come back. He said he wanted us to come teach his wife!! Sweet!

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