Monday, July 15, 2013


Hello Family and Friends! It's been another great week. This week on Monday night we had dinner with the Stevens, the newest members of the ward. It was Sister Diaz's last night in Huntersville, so they got both of us flowers and it was so sweet. 
Tuesday was transfers! That is always exciting. To see everyone, old companions and people in my old districts and zone's and just be in a big group of missionaries is always fun. Love it. Instead of training though and getting a new companion from the MTC like I thought I was going to, I got a sister training leader companion, Sister Wright who has been out for 5 months! yay! So we are Sister Training Leaders together. It's so great having a companion who knows what she's doing instead of having to train someone! It's such a different dynamic. And I love it. We are both experienced and can learn together and help other Sisters. I found out a little more about what we'll be doing as Sister Training Leaders and I am excited. We are basically like Zone Leaders for the Sisters. We will train them and go on 24 hour exchanges with them, suggest ways they can improve and do better, tel them things they are doing well. I definitely can learn a lot more from them than they can ever learn from me though. i am excited for all of the learning that i will do by going to all of these different areas throughout the mission. apparently we will be going on exchanges 2-3 times a WEEK so keeping up our own area will be pretty tricky! Sister Wright, my new companion, is really tall. She's about 6 foot. and she's from Alpine, Utah, and she's amazing. Love her already and I am learning so much. 
This week was kinda busy with transfer meeting, and then district meeting, and leadership training meeting on Friday. It was super exciting though, we got to train on ONLINE PROSELYTING!!! WOOT WOOT!!! It is going to be amazing. Right now there is only one district in the mission that has them, but over the next few months different districts will start to get MINI IPADS!! We were trained on how to use the internet to share the gospel, including FACEBOOK and blogs and teaching lessons over Skype. Woah. It's pretty amazing. It makes sense though, especially for less actives ( who usually don't want you at their house) it's so much more effective to talk to someone on Facebook chat and ask how they are doing than showing up at their door, especially for part members and less actives, who sometimes hide from the door and feel intruded upon when you just show up! Getting to know them on Facebook first at least creates that relationship first. The emphasis on our training was definitely that our PURPOSE and our message hasn't changed. Just the way we share the gospel has. The possibilities are endless now we are going digital and it is truly exciting. We are going to be a test mission for the I pad program and our mission is one of the first to get them. Exciting!! Get this, OUR AREA BOOKS AND PLANNERS ARE GOING TO BE DIGITAL. On the Ipad. And our teaching records, progress reports, and our ward directory. It's going to save so much time and be incredible. It makes so much sense and I'm surprised it has taken this long to get this far actually. i have felt like a caveman on the weeks when we don't have the car (I don't have a wall charger for my gps so when we don't have a car it only will last as long as the charge will) i feel like a caveman walking around with a city map trying to find places. It's crazy, when we could be using technology. So I am excited. I have a lot of questions, and I am sure you do to about all of this, and I don't know all of the answers, but I will know more in the coming weeks and I am not sure when we will get our Ipads, but sometime in the next few months. We have zone meeting this week where we'll learn more. 
So as far as our area, we have been trying to find new investigators (keep the escalator full) and work with all of the part member families in our ward. We have been working with Peter, he's so nice. We finally made a breakthrough with his logical brain. He has a lot of 'logical issues' with the book of mormon, and he just sits and analyzes the historical and cultural aspects as he reads. he says he had an epiphone this week where he says he realizes he's supposed to get more out of it spiritually and read it like a parable. We were like YES Peter!! His wife is Less Active, and she definitely is going to be the key to getting him to church. 

FUNNY STORY: So remember that older lady who got baptized a few weeks ago? Mary? Well, we are teaching a 79 year old man named George. he is a single man so obviously we can't go in alone. the lady who was going to come with us had to cancel last minute, so we were scrambling to try and find someone to come and we knew Mary was home. She said she couldn't make it, but if he came to her house that would be ok. So we met George at Mary's house, and they hit it off. She is 75 and he is 79 and they are both single. we didn't think anything of it, but they were totally flirting and it was hilarious. We'll see if that goes anywhere. 

The gospel is true. I LOVE IT. It gives me peace. No matter how many people do or do not want to listen, what keeps me going everyday is I know for myself it's true, and whether people listen or not doesn't change that fact. 
Exciting things are happening! Love you all!

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