Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Perfect investigators

So this week was great! We had a great lesson with Peter, the one who we have been working with whose wife is Less Active. He is very logical and now realizes he needs to read the Book of Mormon like a story, and get the main principles from it instead of analyzing the details. We were teaching about the Plan of Salvation, and the purpose of life. We talked about our life on earth, and tied it into the Doctrine of Christ and what we need to do while we are here. . His wife started opening up and talking about coming back to church and we were about to invite them to come this Sunday, and the spirit was really strong. Just then... one of their kids from upstairs came down and had a diaper that needed to be changed right then and started screaming and that was the end of that....NOOOO!! So close... we're seeing them again tonight though, so hopefully we'll be able to pick up where that left off. 

George is the man who is 79 years old we have been teaching. Sometimes he gets it, sometimes he doesn't. He says he wants to be baptized though, but he needs to come to church a few times to do that. He keeps saying he'll come, but things come up. George was sick this week though and couldn't make it, and so we will try again next week. 

We are working a lot with all of our part member families in this ward. There are quite a few! Ones who have one spouse who is less active and one spouse who is not a member.. there are about 12! 

We had a great Zone Conference this week with President and Sister Craven, and the Assistants. They are great and wonderful. I love them. I love their example and their spirit. I have truly learned so much about what a great marriage is from watching them. Sister Craven did a great training on how to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting. Then we had a training on teaching for understanding.

I went on my first exchange as a Sister Training Leader this week! I stayed here, and Sister Devitt came to my area. Sister Wright went with Sister Devitt's companion in Mountain Island. We met this Mom and her son while we were out and we taught them the Restoration and they were really excited. But... they are going out of town this week and will be back next Saturday but want to come to church next week and they said they would be baptized!!!! I love how miracles happen on exchanges. 

Oh so on Saturday night, we had a potential investigator on our list and we were out looking for him and we couldn't find the house. But.. this guy came up to us and was telling us that nobody lived in that house, we started talking with him and sat down on the porch and taught him about the Restoration. His brother came in halfway through. They are both middle age, black guys. They were so excited. They sat on the edge of their seats at everything we said. They said it made so much sense, and they were so excited to hear that there was a modern, living prophet on the earth today! They wanted to read the Book of Mormon so badly and they wanted us to come back the next day. We invited them to be baptized and they accepted. So we set the appointment to come back the next day (Sunday) and they said "Oh but we don't live here, let me give you my address" NOOOOOOOO THEY LIVE IN THE MOUNTAIN ISLAND WARD!! Ah. But it's still exciting, and they are going to join the church still, just selfish little me wanted to be the one to teach them. So last night we did go to the appointment, had the Mountain Island Sisters meet us there and handed them off to them. They are going to be baptized on August 17th. Hopefully President Craven will let us to go the baptism! Mountain Island is really close. I know as we are exactly obedient and follow the spirit, there are more people out there just like them and we'll find them! Hopefully they'll be in our area this time though :) 

Yesterday a missionary who got home this week gave his homecoming talk. It was really powerful and reminded me why I am out on a mission and made me think about what kind of person I want to be and what I want to be like when I give my homecoming talk. And his little brother is going to leave for his mission this week, and so there was a farewell talk too. It was sweet. 

Oh and this week we talked to one of the "bug boys" we call them. There are lots of people out doing summer sales, selling pest control and alarms. A lot of them are returned missionaries. One stopped us and talked to us and gave us a lot of names to go contact and people he had talked to! Sweet! Hopefully we'll be able to start teaching some of those people he had talked to. 

I know living the Gospel is the only way we'll find true happiness in this life and in the next. I love knowing the Plan of Salvation and knowing that the Book of Mormon is truly from our Heavenly Father for our benefit in these last days. It brings so much comfort and peace and it is why I do what I do every day. 

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