Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sept 16

Sorry about last week. The computer kicks me off randomly sometimes and my email last week didn't send. I think it's because I try to sent too many pictures and it can't handle it. So I am going to try to send pictures separate and hopefully that will help.
Anywhoo. This week was great! We have been working so hard to find people to teach. We have been teaching this lady named Jean. She is really old but she's a sweetheart and she loves reading the Book of Mormon with us. She was a schoolteacher for a lot of years. She reads the Book of Mormon like a kids story book. It's so fun to just listen to her read it. We love it. She came to church yesterday, and she loved it. We are hoping she'll commit to a Baptism Date soon. We are working on it.
George didn't come to church this week.. he hasn't been keeping his commitments and we might give him to the Elders.

We have been working through the members to find people to teach! Along with the Elders in our ward as well. We have really been focusing on having members invite their friends over when we are there, or to meet with us. We have a really good Ward Mission Leader who came up with a great ward mission plan. It's all about getting the Members involved and helping them do missionary work. We want to find through them.
Last week we had a zone conference where Sister Wright and I gave a training on planning, just the same training the Assistants had given at MLC (missionary leadership conference) a few days before. So we did but what we didn't know is that they were going to SHOW UP. They didn't tell us, but they just showed up and so we were a little nervous but they said we did great.
FUNNY MOMENT: Last week I went on exchanges with the North Wilksboro Sisters, and Sister Mena came here with me. She's from Columbia and we had dinner with a less active family from Mexico. So I was the only one who didn't speak Spanish in the house. Basically I ate and just smiled and nodded and pretended like I knew what was going on. but I had no idea. And we had a lesson after, so for an hour and 45 minutes I just sat there and listened for "Jesu Christo" or "Iglecia" because I know those words!

We went on exchange with Lincolnton this week! Sister Thacker (who I trained) came to Huntersville with me and we had a great time. it was car fast day, so we did a lot of walking. But we had so much fun! and also we went on exchange with Lake Norman this week, I got to go there with Sister teopa, who is from Hawaii. She is so much fun. She taught me some Hawaiian words. I LOVE going on exchanges. I get to learn so much and meet so many neat people! I LOVE getting to know all of these people and these areas and these Sisters. We are still figuring out how to keep our area going while going on all of these exchanges, but we'll figure it out! Also got to go to the Trainers/ Trainee meeting this week and evaluate role plays. Fun. And I saw Elder Dawson there! Crazy!!!!!!!!! he has been in a different Zone this whole time, so I haven't seen him yet. But I finally did!!! p.s Mom I got your letter :) Thanks!
I know this is the Lord's work. I know I am learning and growing in ways that will bless me the rest of my life. I am so grateful for the things I am learning on the mission, all of the days, good and bad. I realize now more than ever, I am laying the foundation for the rest of my life, and I am grateful for it. I am grateful to know that families can be together forever, and that the Book of Mormon is truly the Word of God.

It is Sister Wright's birthday today!! I still had the birthday stuff from my own birthday package in my suitcase so I put up some happy birthday signs :) :)

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