Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov. 11 2013

Hello Family and Friends! This week was great. It started out with an exchange with Newton sisters. They are fantastic. I got to go to Newton with Sister Nielson. She is an amazing, diligent, hardworking missionary and I learned a lot from her. Some of our plans for the night had to change, because we got stuck behind this big giant accident on our way to go to Family Home Evening with a Less Active, and her bike tires were flat so we couldn't bike there either. But she handled it like a champ. We reevaluated and were able to meet this wonderful lady that hopefully they will be teaching soon!
Wednesday we had Zone Meeting. It was great. The Zone Leaders trained on effective planning, that went really well. And Sister Chandler and I trained on working with members. We got trained a few weeks ago by Elder Kapiska of the 70 on how to pray WITH members to find people to teach. Simply ask them to pray with you that someone will be lead to one of you (wether them or you) who is prepared to receive the gospel, and set a date to find that person, and teach them in that members home. 
Friday we had dinner with the Campbell family (in the picture) and they are so great. Sister Campbell loves feeding us and helps us out alot. That family is fantastic. (Sister Chandler wore my skirt that day as you can tell, we like to switch clothes a lot :) ) We also went to see the family we were teaching a few weeks ago that stopped progressing. Things have been so crazy for them lately with work, and some real health problems, that they just weren't able to make time to learn about the Gospel. We had a great talk with them, and hopefully they'll be right back on track soon! We set an appointment to see them next week, they were going out of town for the weekend, but we're going to see them when they get back. 

Friday we did an exchange with the Ashboro Sisters! It was a nice drive, it's a good 1.5 hours away! BUT they are so great. I got to be with Sister Zarbock, she came to Huntersville with me. She is so sweet. She is super nice, and she goes to BYU and went to London on a Study Abroad. She went to Norway on her "weekend off" one time and decided she wants to marry a Scandinavian. I was like "Hey, what about someone who serves in Scandinavia?" She was like "Ya, that'd do" and I showed her a picture of Steve, she thought he was cute so I'm going to have her write him!! They both got to BYU and she gets home like a month after him. It's perfect... :) BUT anyway.. We were able to teach this great lady named Gladys. We met her a few days earlier and we were so excited. She is this older black baptist lady who loves the lord so much, she praises the Lord and thanks Jesus every sentence, wether that has anything to do with the conversation or not. But it's so cute and we love love love her :) :) We taught her about the Restoration, and a little about the Doctrine of Christ. She said she wanted to be baptized, she would pray about December 7th!!!! AND she came to church this week! We warned her that this service might be a little.. quieter.. than she is used to. She was quietly still praising the Lord though, it was so cute and the members loved her. She said she felt a "Blanket of warmth and love" at church. She is one who is never negative about ANYTHING though and anything you tell her she'll be like "Oh yes, lord, PRAISE GOD! Thank you JESUS!" so I don't think there was any chance she wouldn't like church. But she is so sweet and truly has a lot of faith. We had a follow up lesson with her after church, she really liked it. We asked her to pray about being baptized, and if the church was true, because she has "obligations' at this other church. But she sincerely prayed, and the spirit was so strong! She said she'd keep reading and praying about it and we helped her at least recognize she felt good :) :) YAY GLADYS! Also she is obsessed with Gladys Knight. We gave her a Gladys Knight CD we had in our apartment (it has like 2 songs on it) but she LOVEDDDD it :) I can only imagine what her baptism will be like :) :) 
We did go to the Child of Record Baptism on Saturday.. unfortunately we didn't meet any neighbors or friends, but it was a nice baptism :) And the Grandma in this family grew up Jehovah's Witness, and she got baptized with her grandson! It was so sweet. I actually taught her the first discussion, at their home after a dinner once, but then they decided to hand her over to another ward's Sisters because she doesn't live in our boundaries. So I didn't get to teach her after the one discussion, but she did get baptized at our building because her grandson was and so that was so neat to see! She's the sweetest lady. 
Sister Campbell ( in the picture) went with us to see the Eternal Investigator, Peter. His wife is a Less Active and he has been meeting with missionaries for like 10 years. His wife is the sweetest lady. I think I have written about him before. But Sister Campbell, she's fantastic, she bore really powerful testimony to him about the Proclamation to the Family (which we read with them). They invited us all to dinner tonight, so that should be fun! 
ALSO the Part Member family we have been teaching who has been recently coming back, they came to church yesterday again, they have been coming regularly now and it's been great! Their 10 year old son (the funny little Bradley) can finally get baptized in December, hopefully the 16th. We're going to set a solid date with them tonight, because their other son is coming home from college for Christmas and that's why we have waited on the baptism. But he's so ready, and he knows what he is doing. The family is excited and has had really good experiences at church. We LOVE this family. 
OH and transfer calls were yesterday. I am staying in Hunters-ville, and Sister Chandler is too. Can you believe it? This will have been like 7.5 months I have been here by the end of the transfer. Crazy. BUT I am excited, I love the area, I love the ward, and we do have Bradley and hopefully Gladys getting baptized this transfer, so I am excited to be here for them! AND of course it's not up to me it's where the Lord wants me. Apparently I am supposed to be here still for something. :) 

FUNNY STORY FOR THE WEEK: When I was on exchange, when I first got there to this new apartment that I had never been to before, I set my stuff down I went to the bathroom real quick. I come out, and my companion is GONE. Not in the kitchen, not in the living room. I was like hmm... I couldn't see her in the study room either. PANIC ATTACK!! I was really starting to freak out, and thought I had lost President Craven's missionary. THEN she comes out of the other room and I was like "WHAT? Where were you?!" There is another bathroom in there that I didn't know about. Ha ha. Serious panic attack though!!!

I know the Gospel is true. I know it is true wherever you go. One of my favorite things of the week is reading emails from friends all over the world and the experiences they are having. Love it :) The Lord is hastening his work, all over the world. I know the Gospel is the way to happiness. I know miracles happen. I know the Lord is in charge. Love you! Thanks for everything.

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