Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hello everyone! Hope your week has been great. Last Monday we played basketball/Frisbee/volleyball for a Zone activity at the church and it was fun, but I played hard, and I was sore the next day. Unfortunately, being in a full car area doesn't put you in the best of shape, and Southern Food doesn't either. Whoops.
We went on exchanges with the Lenoir Sisters this week, Sister Campos came with me to Huntersville. We had a blast. She is hilarious. She is a hard worker and a dedicated missionary, and we worked hard, but we just had a blast after planning. She used to be in an area with the Assistants, and sometimes we don't think they are real people. But she told me some funny stories about them. Sometimes it makes me feel old to think I am older than them. AND most missionaries out here...But that's ok.
We also went with the Mooresville Sisters ( Dave I think that's where you were when you came here. :) I was with Sister Sanft. She is fantastic. They are doing great things there. We did end up teaching this man though who was really trying to bash with us.. and we kind of got stuck there though and were late exchanging back. Whoops.

We have seen Gladys this week of course! With her Fellowshipper, Paula. It's so fun to teach her. She's just a hoot. She is "praising the Lord" and "Thanking Jesus" the whole way. We told her about the Sabbath Day and how to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. We told her she'd be blessed as she lives it, and she was like "Well, I just want to tell YOU that YOU will also be blessed as you keep the Sabbath Day." We had to laugh. She's fantastic, she came to church yesterday, of course, and had a wonderful time. There is a missionary who got back two weeks ago, when she came was his homecoming. We told him that she was going to her old church last week to tell them she wasn't coming anymore. He was like "Good luck with that.. not going to happen." He was surprised to see her at church again! And we were really excited. The Ward really isn't Southern, they are all from out West, so they like her because she is so Southern. She is so excited for her baptism on the 7th!!!! It's going to be a really sweet baptismal service.

Bradley came to church as well, his family is doing great and progressing! He has a date for the 22. He is a funny little boy.

OH and on Friday. NO BIG DEAL... but ELDER QUENTIN L COOK came and spoke to us as a mission. Oh my goodness it was incredible. We all got to shake his hand. What a great opportunity, to shake someone's hand who probably has seen the Savior in person! Definitely felt the spirit strongly, he told us about when he was companions with Elder Holland. He told us how much the Mission will bless our life. He told stories of his life and it was incredible. Definitely felt the spirit strongly. And his wife had us sing "put your shoulder to the wheel" and all stand up and do primary actions chanting "Push Along" putting our hands forward and back, and also chanting "Work Hard" putting our hands to our shoulders and then to our hips, then we had to sing it in a round... felt like primary kids!! Ha ha
We are going to eat with a family this week for Thanksgiving, definitely will be taken care of. Hopefully nobody breaks a glass bowl over the table ;) hem hem...

The pictures this week is from us eating with a great family that has the cutest twin babies ever!!
Oh and after Elder Cook, we went to the Mission Office because the Sisters we were driving home needed their car.. but we also got a NEW CAR. Yes we traded in our 2010 Malibu for a 2014 Chevy Cruze. YES 2014. A brand new car with 5 miles on it. Sister Chandler and I definitely have fun in it ;) It was sad to say goodbye to our Malibu though, I have been driving that car for 7 months now. So I had a moment with it and took a picture. Don't judge.

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