Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov. 18th

I love reading everyone's emails every week from missions around the world! I especially love hearing that Heather is safe and sound in the Philippines, and that her mission hasn't been too effected. In Church yesterday, they read a story about missionary Sisters in the Philippines that escaped the flood but almost drowned, that I'm sure you have heard by now yesterday that was incredible!
This week started off with a Zone Activity where we played Football with the Zone! Of course, the Elders all played Football, and the Sisters played volleyball/wrote letters. :) But it was fun. And really weird to see everyone in not proselyting clothes... strangest thing ever. 
Gladys is doing GREAT! AHH! I can't tell you how much I love this woman. She's the sweetest lady ever, and really spiritual. So we met with her twice with members present this week, who were able to help her learn about the Plan of Salvation, and the Doctrine of Christ. Of course anything we say to her she's just like "Ohhhh, Praise god!" "Thank you Jesus!!!" But really sincere about it too, she LOVES God. So she went to her other church this week to tell her pastor she didn't want to go there anymore, of course we tried to talk her out of it. Maybe she could email, or call or something, but no she felt like she needed to go in person and thank him and tell him she wasn't coming anymore. She has been going for about 6 months. We prepared her for things she may hear the best we could. We told her to testify to him of the things she's learning, and tell him how she's feeling that God is leading her here. On Sunday we had a fast that everything would go well. We were really praying and nervous for her all day. BUT God is soo good. He answered our prayers and fasting, and we went to see her last night and everything went well, everyone was kind and respectful, and she wants to continue learning about the gospel and to be baptized onDecember 7th! YAY!! What a relief, and a blessing :) :)  We are so excited. She also has a daughter and granddaughter who live with her we are going to try and start teaching. She said though "Ya'll better have some gas, because I'm going to be coming EVERY week now!! :) :) " We were so excited, and she's the cutest. 
Bradley's family came to church as well! They have been really progressing and having good experiences at church. We set a date for December 22 for him! He's so excited. His brother is finally coming home so the whole family will be there! I love this family as well.  
On Wednesday, we had District Meeting, and it was really great. Sister Chandler and I trained on protecting our baptismal dates, since everyone in our district has some :) We went to visit with the Relief Society president for a bit after District Meeting about some of the Sisters in the Ward and who she wants us to visit. 
Friday our ward had a fundraiser dinner for the scouts. It was so great. We went early and helped make scones, and cut up the salads. We went with Sister MacDonald who is incredible and I love her! She is an incredible missionary. We made Navajo Tacos for 125 people. They fried them with Lard though, so you can imagine we smelled really bad after frying for 2 hours. But we had a fun time. And.. this ward is very wealthy as you can tell, every person paid 20$ to get IN the door to this fundraiser, and they had a cake auction with 15 cakes where each cake went for about 100$ as well.. ya. Very well off. And 3 of the cakes went to us, people bought them and gave them to us. Sister Chandler and I were going to try and eat healthier, so much for THAT idea.. we will find something to do with our 3 cakes. We obviously can't eat them all. We have interviews tomorrow, we'll bring them and let the Elders have at it. On Saturday we did some street contacting and invited a bunch of people to the Nativity festival! We are so excited about this. At the church, thousands of nativities are displayed, choirs from a bunch of other churches come, and it's a really great opportunity to feel the spirit, and for people to realize Mormons are Christian.. 
Sunday church was fantastic. Great talks, great spirit. I know I say this every week, but seriously I am in love with the Huntersville ward. This has become like home. I have been here for 7 months, and the area isn't very big, it's like 5 miles by 5 miles. So other than exchanges, I don't leave my "hunters-ville bubble" much :) And my other two areas actually border this one, so I really haven't left this area much. It'll be easy to visit someday though, when they are so close! Ha. Mary, our 75 year old recent convert was there! She hasn't been able to come much because of health reasons, but we and the ward were so excited to see her. 
I know the Church is true. I know there are people out there who are prepared, just like Gladys, to receive the Gospel right now. I have been blessed to teach so many wonderful people on my mission, and I thank the Lord for that opportunity. I have gained a testimony that working hard to find people is worth it when you do find the "Elect". They ARE out there. Even if it takes a little work to find them :) I am so excited to be a member missionary when I get home. Sometimes I feel like I can do more work as a member than as a missionary. BUT I have the rest of my life to do that. I'll focus on this for now.

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