Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is having the most wonderful Christmas. I absolutely love Christmas on the mission. It really is wonderful. Of course I miss family and friends, but it's really amazing to be able to share the gospel and help other people feel the spirit and the real reason for the season. 
And the weather here is fantastic, it has been 75 Degrees ALL WEEK and it's actually been really hot, green grass and nice temperatures for Christmas, I'll take it :) 

This week was wonderful. Sister Chandler and I went caroling with our IPADS and met a few great people. We didn't go on any exchanges this week, because transfers were this week so we don't have a list of people to go on exchanges with yet. 
We did a lot of finding and street contacting and different ways tried to fill our escalator. We are still working on finding new people, we have been so focused on Bradley and Gladys that now we need to fill the escalator and find new people.
So all of the students from our ward who were here in the summer and went to schol at BYU came home for Christmas and they were all at church yesterday... surprised to see me still here in their ward after so long. I've been here 7 months now! Funny! I'll be able to have lots of new friends when I get back though :) 
On Saturday our ward had a ward Christmas party, Hawaiian style. It was so fun. They had a lot of great food, people did talents, and it was really fun. The Elders and Sister Chandler and I came up with a skit/song that was called "tracting in a winter wonderland". The video is too long to email but it was really funny. 
Oh and on Sunday BRADLEY GOT BAPTIZED. It was a wonderful service. Bradley is so funny and cute and the family was so happy. Bradley has been taught for a while, but they have been waiting for the older brother to come home from college for Christmas to do the baptism, so I know this family well and love them. 
Today we are off to a Zone Christmas "meeting/party" with President and Sister Craven and 2 zones are getting together to do it. It will be fun. I love getting together with old companions and friends :) :)

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