Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy 2014!!

Hello everyone! So good to talk to you on Christmas! We had a great Christmas here. We went to a members house for breakfast and then to two less actives, and we had plenty to eat. On Christmas Eve we went caroling as a district.We went to some less actives and part members in our area. It was fun to just be together with the other missionaries on Christmas. I have really come to love the other missionaries, and they are like family :) 
Last night the Alexandriana Sisters let us teach their neighbor. Their apartment is in our area, so their neighbor was interested and we got to teach him. He's great and he has a lot of potential I think. We'll hope he comes to church and progresses!! 
This morning Sister Chandler and I were just reading about how much missions really bless our lives. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having the Gospel Library on my Ipad and being able to access it. It's the best. We watch videos of old conference talks and old apostles, and it's great. I watched "The Joseph Smith Papers" as I was running. We read a few talks from a long time ago and read from President Hinckley about how missions bless the rest of your life. We read a talk called "The Fourth Missionary" about how we need to give all of our heart, might and mind to the Lord. It's a good reminder to us, now entering the last stretch of our missions. I really love Sister Chandler, we have gotten to be really close! 
We have a lot of great member families, and so we have been thinking and trying to figure out how to help them share the gospel with their friends and neighbors. We always share spiritual thoughts at dinner, and ask about who they are working with and who their neighbors are. We decided we need to take it a step further and talk about making a plan with specific families about specific steps they will take! Hopefully we will see some fruit from that. 
I love being a missionary. I truly know this is God's kingdom here on the earth, and how much it blesses those who embrace it. I am so grateful to be sharing it with others! I know how much it can bless their lives. I love in a talk I read this week, it said sharing the gospel is like going around with $100 bills. If people don't want it, that doesn't change what it is worth or how important it is, you just find the next person who wants it! I love that analogy. 
So neat to hear about the Plums and their mission! That will be a great experience, and it'll be interesting to hear about what happens! 
This week is Missionary Leadership Council, but we got a voicemail from the assistants saying that it will be an over night conference? I guess we will be staying in Charlotte at another Sisters apartment. President wants to spent all day Friday with us and half the day Saturday. Not sure what we're going to do for that long but we'll see!

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