Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Hello friends and family! Love you all! 
This week on Monday night we had exchanges. Sister Larsen came here! She's so great. She is from BYU and we went to school at the same time but didn't know each other. She's hilarious. She's from Kansas.They are teaching an amazing investigator who has been so solid but has been sick for the past 3 weeks. She keeps supposed to be getting baptized but always is super sick on the day of. Satan is good at his job! But Sister Larsen is funny. She's like "I'm the most baby hungry missionary ever. All I want to do is to hold them. And to have my own kids. Like yesterday." Ha ha.
We taught the Alexandriana Sisters neighbor. Their apartment is in our area, and he was intersted, but they can't teach him so we got to. He is a nice man. He thinks his family is under a curse and wants to know how the gospel can help him overcome that curse. We told him that God's light can overcome any darkness, and that the Gospel can help him do that. He is a little nervous about coming to church though because he's been Catholic his whole life and it would be a big change. But we'll bring some members and hopefully help him feel comfortable coming!
Remember that family that was supposed to get baptized in October, came to General Conference, and then work and life got in the way and they stopped meeting with us? Well we went over and saw them and talked to the Daughter. It's a mom, dad and a daughter. She wants to come to Young Womens and to learn more. She had a great time when she came to Young Women's back in October. Hopefully they'll start meeting with us again, but their lives are crazy with work and they'll have a lot of things to overcome but we know with God's help they can do it! 
We also got a referral from other missionaries in another area of a friend of a member who lives here. We met her briefly, she's wonderful and she loves missionaries and what we do and hopefully she will progress. She goes to another church, and has for a long time, and says she "wants to listen, but not going to change". Once she reads the Book of Mormon though, I know it will start to change her heart! 
We had MLC this weekend in Charlotte. It was wonderful. All of the Sister Training Leaders, Zone Leaders, and Assistants and President and Sister Craven were there. We got lots of wonderful training about leadership, President calls it " Priesthood 101" and he talked about "The Disciples Path". President is a gospel scholar and it's always amazing to hear from him at meetings. I always learn so much. I know he is so inspired. I know he will be a General Authority one day, I'm sure. The Apostles and the 70 already love him, they visit our mission all of the time. We have had so many 70's and apostles visit our mission, and it's all because of President! They talk about our mission in SLC all of the time. That's why we got Ipads, because they trust us and they trust Him! That night, everyone stayed in Charlotte. Missionaries got to proselyte in other areas. We thought we were going to go to another area, but we found out we just went back to Hunters ville. It was ok though. We got to eat at Dana and her families house. house. They got baptized back in July. They are incredible. The amazing thing about staying in an area this long, is being able to watch them progress. They were the most perfect investigators you could ask for. They never missed an appointment, always kept commitments, and she made cinnamon rolls every time we came over. Now they both have callings in the ward and are just on fire. They are more active than the active members. They love it. It's incredible to see their growth. They will be the investigators that I will tell my grandchildren about. I love talking with families about mission stories and their favorite people they taught and things. 
Saturday we went back and had MLC and talked about goals we have for this year and got more training from President. President really has taught me and engrained in me the Doctrine of Christ. I think this is why I am with him, because I needed to learn that. I know that it is the process by which we change and become better and it really does apply to everything we do! 

 Dad, I'm telling you I see you as a Mission President someday! You will be wonderful! And Mom will be a wonderful support to you! I say it's only a matter of time :) 
MIRACLE STORY: So this week during Weekly Planning, we were calling a former investigator we hadn't talked to in a while. They texted back and it was the wrong number.. but Sister C was like "Talk to them anyway!" So we texted back and forth and we found it was a lady who lived outside of our boundaries, but was very interested in learning more! The Zone Leaders in our area were happy that we found them that referral and it will be interesting to see what happens. She says her new years resolution is to get closer to God, and to help her family have a stronger relationship with him.... ?? PERFECT!!

Funny moment: We were tracting in an apartment complex. Apparently people weren't happy because one of the managers came to kick us out. He didn't want to kick us out, but he said he had to because his boss told him too. He said if it were his way, he'd have us here all day teaching people. So.. we had a really great conversation with him and started teaching him instead! :) It was wonderful, and he wants to know what we believe and wants to come to church. God works in mysterious ways, even if it is through people who are coming to kick you out. :) 
Funny Funny moment- We were asked to stay in for New Years Eve. Which is like the only day EVER EVER that President would want us to do that. Christmas, Thanksgiving, every other day is proselyting, except New Years eve, because of drunk drivers probably. But our sweet neighbor, the one we spent Halloween with, and came to the Nativity festival with us, she had us over. We had a great dinner with her, and she offered us wine. She bought this super expensive wine for us and we were like.. oh boy. Then she was like Oh you don't drink? It's ok, I have the best tea!! uh..... Well, I'll just make some Coffee then. uh..... "Could you give me a list of the things you can and cannot eat? That would be easier!" Ha it was pretty funny. We gave her a word of wisdom pamphlet for her to read. 

I know the Book of Mormon is true. I read the talk "Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon" and I loved it. I know that the Book of Mormon really is the tool for gathering Israel and helping people be converted to the gospel. It is the one question that you have to ask yourself, if it is true or not, then everything else falls into place. I know deep in my heart it is true because living its principles blesses my life.. I know that it is from God because of its fruits, and because it leads me to Him. Share it with someone!

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