Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 2, 2014

This is our District. And the second is Thelma. Notice how she is in the shade eating a sandwich while we work...
Hello everyone! Can you believe it's June already! Crazy!

Let's see. This week we had a great district meeting. I really learn alot from our district leader (even though he is 18 and 4 years younger than me.. don't' want to talk about how old that makes me feel) he is successful and good at motivating and training us on how to do better. And we all went to Sams Club for district lunch after, yum :)

We had dinner with this lady in the ward who just had a baby last week! She's so great and she's so giving and it was kind of her to feed us even with her new baby. She served a mission so she is always ready and willing to help us out and feed us. I think I said this before but our ward has a lot of sisters who have served missions, which is wonderful! And this member's neighbors came to church for the baby blessing! Yay for member missionary work! 

We helped our neighbor, Thelma this week with more ​yard-work. She is a hilarious old lady. We talked about what happens at her church, and what happens at ours. She's great. 

Crissy is doing great! ( the one I talked about last week who moved here from living with a member in Idaho). We had a lesson in a members house with her about the plan of salvation and she loved it. She really just soaks everything up, does her reading, and I love the opportunity to teach her! She says everything in her life is starting to make more sense now. She is still working towards her date on June 21

Blechhhhhhhh for the past 3 days though I have been in bed with the flu. Fever, sore throat, headache, stomach ache. The works. I haven't even been sick my whole mission for more than a couple hours until now! This flu was bad, but I'm feeling much better and almost back to normal. I was well enough to go to church yesterday. I love fast and testimony meeting, and some of the recent converts bore their testimonies and they are so sweet and a lot of them are struggling with a lot of issues but it's amazing how when they are planted in the Gospel, they can get through it. We also had dinner with the Bishop and his family, and talked about what we can do to work together. Also they made us homemade ice cream, yum!!!!! 

Fun fact. I accidentally stepped in an ant hill this week, and got bitten all over my foot. Yuck. 

Well I hope we can pick up the work now that I am feeling better! I want to work hard with every day that I have left to find more people. I am grateful for this time that I don't have a care in the world except helping people accept the gospel! It's pretty amazing when you think about it. I am not worrying about work, school, bills, dating, gas, nothing. Just helping people receive the gospel! BUT soon.. I will have to deal with those things, so I am going to enjoy it while I can. 

As a mission we have all been asked to study the 12 week training again. It's been so good to get back to the basics, and to practice things, even if I have practiced them a million times before, you can never be perfect at it!  I am really grateful for the Doctrine of Christ and how we can change and get better every day! No matter what mistakes we make, which we all do, we can always repent and try again! I was grateful for the sacrament this week, almost not feeling well enough to go made me appreciate it that much more. 

This Saturday will be transfer calls! President likes to move people for their last transfer, so we'll see! I will let you know next week. And we are going on exchanges tomorrow with the STL's! That will be fun. And Zone Meeting this Friday. Good week. :) 

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