Monday, June 30, 2014

June 23

Hello ya'll! I hope all is going well on the home front.

This has been a good week..because CRISSY got baptized!
I am so happy for her :) Even though I am not in that area anymore, I have been
messaging her on FB and she told me all about it. She is such a
sweetheart and I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the
opportunity to find and teach her. She truly is an example of how
people really are prepared for the gospel, but know not where to find
it. She had been living with members in Idaho for 7 years, always
wanted to learn more about the church but never was invited to.
People, we need to talk to our friends and neighbors! Invite! You
never know who is ready, you never know what in their lives has
prepared them. I am so glad my companion stopped to talk to her on the
street that night, because I was going to walk right by her. It made
me so happy to hear about her happiness in finding the gospel and the
way that she felt at her baptism. And I am grateful that we have
Facebook so I can keep up with her. :)

This week in Salisbury has been good.  We had bikes, and it was really
hot. At the beginning of the week, we had to spend sometime updating
our map because it's way out of date. You kind of need a map to plan
where you need to go! We know even though that took some time, it will
bless us this week.

On Tuesday, we went to service and we have the best service project
set up!!! Ah I loved it. The neatest experience. We got to go to the
food bank and put together peoples orders and give them their food and
help them take it out to their car. It was so neat and we got to meet
a lot of great people. I am excited that we get to do that every week.
I thought a lot about how I want to do things like this for the rest
of my life, be service oriented and help other people. I think I have
learned on my mission that my life is really not my own and it's
supposed to be spent helping out other people. I don't remember who it
was, but a prophet said "My life is like my shoes, to be worn out in
The Lord's service."

We had a great district meeting on Wednesday. Sister Holman is in my
district, and it's funny because she was Steve's supervisor at the
creamery. I love finding connections and that the people in my mission
know people in my family.

We found a great new investigator tracting this week. She's so great.
She is a single mom, she's 26, we taught her a little bit and then
came back the next day with a member and had a really great lesson.
She seemed very receptive to what we were saying. She can't come to
church this week because of work but hopefully next week. There are
people prepared!

We had a girl in our Ward who is going on a mission soon and she loves
going out with us. She is super excited about everything. I love it.
She's just like " Wow, You are missionaries!" And she is just so
amazed by the littlest things and it's so cute. I hope she keeps that
her whole mission. I think we forget as missionaries how important and
special it is that we are missionaries and get to represent The Lord.
I am grateful for it.

We met with a less active who has some real word of wisdom problems.
It was so sad to see, she has so much potential and faith but has some
serious addictions! We helped her understand that through the
Atonement, she can overcome this. I have faith that she can do it, but
it won't be easy. She also has a 9 year old daughter she wants us to
teach, so we are going back to teach her tomorrow. I have taught a lot
of kids on my mission, I think The Lord is using my elementary
education background.

We taught the 9 year old daughter of another less active and she is so
cute. Her and her family came to church and it was so great to see
them. She read her Book of Mormon chapter we left her and she loves
learning. It's so sweet to see a child's faith and how they just are
so close to the spirit. Hopefully we will be able to talk to her
family about setting a date soon.

Yesterday after church we had an appointment to see a less active. But
when we looked on the roster, the note said incorrect address. So we
called and called and she didn't answer to tell us the correct
address, so we weren't planning on going. But then she called right at
the time we were going to be there and she was like "Oh aren't you
coming??" We were pretty far away and on our bikes. But we said we
would get there as fast as we could. Then the BEST members EVER came
to our rescue. They are an older couple who just moved here from Utah.
They came with their truck and picked us up and took us and our bikes
to the appointment, waited for us to finish, then took us back, and on
top of that, they had already fed us earlier in the week but theyh
asked if we had a dinner appointment and when we didn't answer because
we didn't want to be a burden, they fed us as well, they are so kind!
He said with tears in his eyes, " I have had 6 kids serve missions and
I know people rescued and fed them, so please let us help you out, I
want to
pay them back!" They are just great examples of Christian service and
Faith. Ya'll pay it forward to, if you see some missionaries or anyone
who needs help this week, go help them because I was helped!

"And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom, that ye
may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye
are only in the service of your God"

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