Monday, April 1, 2013

Pizza for dinner everyday

So we found out on Tuesday that there was a dent in our car (That doesn't effect the way it runs. At all.) that the Elders before us left, and we had to go in to get it fixed... SO our car has been in the Shop since WEDNESDAY and will be probably until WEDNESDAY again. So we've been doing a LOT of walking! But it's good. It gives us a chance to lean on the Members a lot. We have been looking at it as a blessing that the Lord has given us to rely on them. We live off of a Highway so it's kind of scary because we have to walk along the Highway for 2 miles before we get to any houses! We always pray that we'll be safe.
We eat with the Elders in our Ward a lot, people will have all 4 of us over for dinner. And it's funny because almost every time it's pizza. And the Elders think it's hilarious to call people and request pizza because they see our faces when we get there and the Elders say "Oh this is awesome, we never get pizza!" and they look at us and we have to laugh and pretend to be excited. We're going to talk to them about that because it's happened like 4 times this week. Ha ha.
You meet some pretty interesting people tracting. We had a little old man who had dementia and told us the same story 15 times before we could leave his porch. He was really funny and proposed to both of us several times before we could finally walk away. Oh and we've had some rude people to of course. The other day someone opened the door and before we could even say a word she said "There's a road, HIT IT" and slammed the door. It doesn't make me sad for me, or embarassed at all though, it makes me sad for her. Every time someone tells me I'm wrong or tries to explain why they are right and I am wrong, it just strengthens my testimony.
We have been meeting with a lady named Margaret, who has met with missionaries several times before but she seems to be really getting it this time and is interested in getting baptized. A member even took us to a baptismal service at the Stake Center the other day and she was able to witness it and feel the spirit of it. We're working with her to set a date. 

Also there is a less active that we're working with who hasn't been to church in a while and has 3 daughters who haven't been baptized and she wants them to find out the truth for themselves. So we are going to be meeting with them this week too! They are a lot more receptive to Sisters than Elders, of course. :) We are excited to have the discussions with them!
We met with the Ward Council all about our "Blitzkreig" plan and they are super excited. Elder Gomm even got a lazer pen and brought a giant blown up map into Ward Council and made it all official. We are working with the ward to focuson one area of the map in the month of April (all of the Less Actives, potential investigators, friends and family of the Members in that area) and have 40 days of Fasting as well where every family we eat with will fast for the Missionary effort that day. :) We are excited to get the ball rolling on this plan that will start in April, until then we'll be on our feet! Hopefully we'll get our car back on Thursday....
Thanks for all of the love and support! Everyone should go take the missionaries out somewhere this week!

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