Friday, April 12, 2013


Love you all! Had a wonderful week. Sister Thacker and I continue to work hard and find people to teach! The members have been great and the Elders and us have continued to work hard.
One investigator didn't end up coming to conference, her Pastor gave her some anti-mormon literature and we're helping work through her issues with it. There is so much of it down here! Darn Satan. There are so many misconceptions about the church it's crazy.
We did meet a woman who is one of the referrals we got from our SUPER member. She had her over at her house and we had lunch and had the first discussion. It went great and the spirit was strong and by the end she was asking US if she could watch conference and if she could have a Book of Mormon! We are excited to meet with her again this week and work with her towards setting a baptismal date!
We have like 3 Less Active families who want us to teach them and teach their kids who haven't been baptized but who were all out of town for Spring Break so we will hopefully start working with those this week!
I wrote down like 10 different questions I had for General Conference and they were all answered very specifically. It's amazing what General Conference can do. I loved it so much. I wished it would go on and on. It gave me strength and courage and faith to press forward!
Oh and on Tuesday I was praying telling God that I felt like I needed more experience. I prayed that he would either send someone with more experience or show me what to do and give me the experience I need to get this ball rolling in this area because I am a trainer at 5 weeks and I definitely don't know everything! And the next day, President Craven called and said he wanted us to go on an exchange with my trainer, Sister Bowman in Mountain Island. So that was definitely a direct answer to my prayers. I get to have her come here and give me advise and counsel and she is a super missionary and I am excited! That will be tonight-tomorrow night.
Thanks for all of the love and support!

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