Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Luck on my side

We FINALLY got our car back, on Friday afternoon. Yes, it had been gone for 1 1/2 weeks and we had been just on our feet. We walked over an hour to get to an appointment several times. So we're really glad to have our car :) ( Even though we still only have a certain number of miles we're allowed to drive it) 
Still working with an investigator who is progressing toward Baptism! Hopefully Conference this weekend will be good for her to see! We are hoping to have some investigators there at the church with us. 
On Wednesday we had District Meeting and interviews with President Craven afterwards. President Craven and I were talking and he mentioned how he talked to Dave on the phone and thought Dave was awesome! Ha ha. Then on Thursday we went to a "Trainers/Trainee" meeting for most of the day at the Mission Office and it was really good. We learned a lot about teaching. President Craven talked about how if we are starting an area and don't have much teaching experience, to start teaching MEMBERS! We're going to try and do that. Just have discussion in the members home to get some teaching experience and hopefully they'll start bringing friends and neighboors to the lessons.
Everyone is gone this week because it's spring break, but we're going to try and get that going. At the meeting it was intense, the assistants to the president had all of the trainers in a room and were like "If you can't live up to your responsibility to be a trainer, you had better tell President Craven right now and we'll find someone who can!" I hope I can live up to what the Lord expects of me, because it's a lot! I am doing everything I know how to do, and I am working hard and trying to be exactly obedient. It's just hard not to compare this area (Lincolnton) to my last area (Mountain Island) in my head, because there were lots of investigators, lots of baptisms, and just lots of work, and here starting a new area it's totally different. We have been doing alot more finding than teaching. But hopefully as we work hard and be obedient, we'll change that!
On Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, we had a bunch of extra miles so we went and visited a lot of Less Actives, and especially ones that were far away! We have visited just about every less active in our area. I think we have actually. 
So on Friday night we went to dinner at a members house with the Elders, we met them at a Mexican Resturant. I took a wrong turn, trying to follow the GPS but turned a little too early and got stuck on the Freeway somehow and there weren't any exits for miles and so we were late. The Elders and Brother Orlando thought it was so funny. And then when we leave the Resturant, we went to our car and I'm trying to pop the trunk, but there are lots of buttons and I don't know which one is which so I accidentally open the Hood of the car instead of the trunk, and the Elders are with Brother Orlando just laughing at us, and I finally opened the trunk but they knew I was Canadian and they were like "Open the Boot, Open the Boot!" And then that night we got home, and the key to the apartment wasn't in the pocket that it usually is in in my bag. We couldn't find it, it was cold and windy and dark, so we sit in the back of our car, searching my bag and the backseat for the apartment key, and we somehow locked the car and locked ourselves in.,., We found the key to the Apartment and went to get out of the car but it was childlocked, and we couldn't get out. We just laughed hysterically. So I climbed up into the front seat to get out, got kinda stuck and accidentally sat on the horn, and Sister Thacker is in the back seat just busting out laughing at this point. Can't even breathe. I don't know if it's as funny a scene trying to describe it, but it was hilarious. Then the next day, we visited a Less Active, and I was flipping around to park by their house, and made a turn too big and got stuck in a ditch... ya we were stuck in the mud. They weren't home but we went to the neighboors house and he's like I'M NOT INTERESTED and almost slammed the door and we're like WAIT no we're stuck in the ditch!" And he got out his cables and his truck and pulled us out. Maybe someday he'll want to listen to misionaries! But he was very helpful! Ha ha
Sounds like ya'll had a great Easter! We did too :) There weren't many people at Church because a lot of people were out of town visiting family. It was a little bit rainy and overcast but we had a Redneck Easter dinner with a very "country" family in our ward (which is a lot of the ward). It was pretty funny. We ate with this family, out in their barn next to their house. There were tons of people there and the food was so good. We had ham, which I'm pretty sure was fresh from that morning out on the Farm. Ha ha. It started raining and outside of the barn we ate in there was a bunch of mud, so the whole family started mud-wrestling. It was pretty funny to watch. They even poured a little water on the Elders and they almost got thrown in the mud too. 
Oh and today, we spent the whole day digging in an awesome members garden! She is wonderful. She's a stellar member who has been giving us lots of referrals, and giving us rides, and has been wonderful. If only every member were like her. She's only been a member 9 years but she's an incredible lady!
Love you all, thanks for the support and love!

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