Monday, April 22, 2013

Missionary Birthday

Hope everyone had a great week like we did!

On Tuesday we went to the Mission Home to pick up our new companion! She is Sister Cowley, and she's from Colorado! It's funny because she's from Denver Colorado, and now she's in Denver, North Carolina :) She is 19 and she has a twin who is also on a mission. It was pretty cool because at transfers, President Craven was assigning who was companions with who and assigned Sister Thacker and us a companion and we sat down. Later, as Sister Thacker and I were talking we both said we just didnt' feel right, something was off with us sitting with her. But President stopped after about 10 companionships and said "Wait, Elders and Sisters, this isn't right." He grabbed his assistants, went out in the hallway and prayed for about 1/2 hour and then came back and redid the companionships and changed everything! This is when we were assigned Sister Cowley! She is so cute and wonderful and it's great to have her here. It's a little squished in our apartment, but it's good!

On her first full day of missionary work we were out leaving the "Savior's peace and blessing" or praying for people and their homes. The first door we knocked on we felt the spirit really strongly and so did she and Sister Cowley invited her to be baptized! She said yes and accepted a date and wrote it down ( the church address) on a piece of paper and we have been preparing her! I know this is because of Mom and Dad's fasting and prayer! Thanks :)

We also found this 89 year old man named Bob. If you have seen "princess and the frog" and you know the firefly named "Raymon" THAT IS WHO HE IS. He's so sweet. Sister Thacker teases me and says I have an old man crush on him. He's the cutest old black man in the whole world. He looked at the pictures in the restoration pamphlet and said "This is true. You have answered my questions

that nobody else could" Getting him to come to church may be difficult because he has gone to the same church for 89 years and that will be a hard habit to break but we are praying he'll come to church this week :)

We also met with someone in the ward who he is not a member, but his wife got baptized 10 years ago and the whole ward has been fasting and praying for him to accept the gospel for 10 years. It will take some time but we're hoping he'll be receptive!

Also I had a great birthday. The Bishop had us over and made birthday cake and they all sang Happy Birthday and it was fun :) And I put up our decorations from Mom's care package in the apartment and thank you so much for that :)

Thank you for all of your support and prayers, as always!

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