Monday, June 3, 2013

4th Transfer!

Hello family and friends!!!!!! 

NO I am not in the new mission!! Still in Charlotte. 

Sorry I don't have long today. But I am in a new area, and it's great! On Tuesday I said goodbye to Sister Thacker and Sister Cowley ( who I trained in Lincoln ton for 2 transfers) and I went to the meeting, not knowing where I would be going! Transfers are always a neat experience. I am in the Huntersville ward now! It is great, and pretty well established. There were Elders here right before us, and now we are "whitewashing" the area, or opening it for Sisters. The Ward is super excited. We went to Bishop's house for dinner the first night, and as Mom and Dad saw, they have a trampoline in their house! We were bouncing on it and it was fun :) :) 

The ward has a lot of bankers, because Bank of America is headquartered in Charlotte. So there are a lot of BYU graduates, from the Business school, who were recruited out here. They call it a "Transplant ward" or one that has a lot of Utahns, and not as many people who were born and raised here. 

My companion is Sister Diaz. She's wonderful. She's from California, and she's half Mexican actually. Sweet. Half Mexican, half Canadian. We are quite the pair. :) 

We inherited two investigators from the Elders who had already been to church twice, and came again yesterday, and we are going to teach them tomorrow, and invite them to set a date for baptism! 

We helped a family move in on Saturday. It is a non-member family who had friends who were members in Arizona, and I guess there were 6 Elders in Arizona who moved their stuff into the moving van. They called us and asked us to help the new family move in on Saturday, but we thought the Ward new about it but apparently not, and they were expecting Elders, not sisters. So it was a surprise when we showed up. But we called the Elders Quorum president and the Lake Norman ( a different ward nearby) Elders to come help. Within an hour, we had about 6 people coming and helping them move! It was very hot, the humidity is starting to turn up!! But it was fun. They are a great family and hopefully we'll be teaching them soon. 

And a old lady I met and taught a few times in Lincolnton, moved here to Huntersville! I called her up and was like "HEYYY MARY!!"" She was surprised when I showed up at her door. We are teaching her again, and she wants to be baptized! She didn't come to church yesterday though so we'll see. 

OH and I almost forgot, we had mission tour on Thursday and David F. Evans ( the managing director of the Missionary Department) came and spoke to us!! It was great. Loved it. He talked about a lot of exciting things that are coming up but swore us to secrecy. Let's just say it's going to be cool, and they are experimenting with things that we may be the first group to test out! He talked a lot about missionary work and the announcement and he played "The Announcement" again and I felt all of those feelings again that I felt and it putme right back on my couch in Provo watching President Monson in my Pjamas listening to the announcement that changed my life :) 

Love you, the Gospel is true! Working hard, happy and healthy!

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  1. I follow this blog because my son is Serving in NCCM. Currently he is in Lancaster South Carolina. His name is Elder Lino. Mahalo for sharing your experiences. I enjoy reading your entries.
    God bless you. We are constantly praying for all of you.

    Brother Al Lino