Monday, June 17, 2013


Heyyy everybody! Hope all is well with you :)

Sorry my email last week didn't send. Don't really know what happened. So you get two emails today! Yay!!! :)
Things are going great. This week we have been working to get to know the members in the ward, since we are in a new area. We have been leaving members with this challenge in our dinners this week. (We are fed really well here, almost every night!) We leave them with 14 scriptures about missionary work to read every day for 14 days and pray about. They are also supposed to pray about who they could share the gospel with, and what they could do, and we follow up with them a week later and ask who they want to share it with, what they are going to do ( serve them, have them over to dinner, invite to church, etc) and then a week later ask how it went! So hopefully that will get the members excited about missionary work and will be successful. What have you done on your missions to invite people to do missionary work?
From Monday night-Tuesday night we had an "exchange" with the Sister Training Leaders. So Sister Miller came with me for the day, Sister Diaz went with Sister Bowman (who was my trainer who I love dearly) for the day. It was great. Sister Miller is actually going home this transfer so she has a lot of experience and advise that was really valuable! I want to be like her! She truly is a great missionary and I was grateful to have her here.
Wednesday we met with the Stevens, who have been to church 3 times. He has been hesitant to set a baptismal date. We're not sure why. He's been living the Word of Wisdom, reading, praying, coming to church, but something's missing. So we invited him to set a date and then pray about it. I gave the analogy of the farmers praying for rain, and one prepares his fields, and one doesn't. The one who prepares gets the rain! So hopefully he'll receive a sure witness that this is what he needs to do. His wife is ready to go though. She says she's ready she's just waiting on him. But we set a date for July 6th for them to be baptized!

Mary is doing well :) She's a 75 year old I taught a few times in Lincolnton who moved to Huntersville! It was kind of amazing, she moved here right as I got transferred here. So I got to keep teaching her. She wanted to get baptized there, but had a broken arm in a cast and couldn't. It's such a blessing to be able to teach her! She's so funny. We taught the "Law of Chastity" this week and she's like "Honey, you don't have to worry about that one. I'm not hiding anyone around here!" Ha ha. She came to church though and is GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!! Woot woot! It'll be awesome. We're excited :)
On Friday we had District Meeting, and then interviews with President Craven. President Craven was very emotional because his granddaughter had passed away, she was a stillborn baby a few days earlier and the funeral was that day. President and Sister Craven are incredible examples of strength and faith. I just thought of if that happened in our family, and if Dad was the one up there being strong. He's an incredible example of strength for us missionaries though. I look up to them so much. He gave an analogy of beans and pinecones in a bowl. He put the pinecones in the bottom, shook the bowl, and they always rose to the top. He talked about how we should always be "rising up" and getting better. He says if we don't do that, we can reach the end of our mission and look back having not changed at all! He says don't live a month of your mission, and repeat it 18 times, but try to do a little better every day! So in personal study, I set some goals on how I can do a little better everyday so I can look back at the end and see growth. :)
Also at the interviews, I heard that Charlene (the 9 year old i was teaching in Lincoln ton) got baptized last Saturday, all went well and that Susan ( who I was teaching in Lincoln ton) is geting baptized this saturday! How awesome. it's always good to hear things are going well. I love seing old companions and friends at meetings to! It's the best :):)
The Assistants worked out the car situation. So we are going 2 weeks with a car and 1 week without, car sharing between districts. So we'll be on bikes 1 out of 3 weeks. Not bad.

It's getting quite humid up here but I've been told it's just the beginning! Oh boy. It's alright though, we have a car and our area is only 5 by 5 miles, so we don't use a lot of miles, where as Lincoln ton was like 30 miles wide and we had to be super careful about miles!
Oh funny story for the week. We used a few miles yesterday, and we didn't realize we were low on gas. But we couldn't fill up on the Sabbath, so we went until the gas light went on, and then a little more. This morning we barely made it to the gas station and right when we pulled up the gas ran out. But i pulled up on the wrong side of where the gas tank was, so we had to use the hose on the other side and it was pretty funny. The guy at the gas station was laughing pretty hard.

Miracle story- we were looking for this less active, but she had moved. The lady who lived in the house though was nice. I REALLY had to go to the bathroom and we weren't near home, so I felt weird asking but I did. I asked her if we could use her bathroom and we went in and she was super nice and said she had been looking for a church! We will go back and teach her later :) God works in mysterious ways. Even if it is my bladder.

P.P.S we just found a bunch of Church History DVD"s we are approved to watch so last night I felt at home because after planning we made popcorn and watched "prophet of the restoration." on our little DVD player. I put a bunch of butter and salt on the popcorn just like Mom makes at home :) 

Sister Forsyth

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