Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mary's Baptism

Hello Family and friends!! 

This week was great. We are continuing to work with the Stevens, our investigators who have a baptismal date for the 6th. She grew up in the church actually but never joined, but has known it's true for years. She's ready, she's just waiting on him. We fasted with the Ward Mission Leader yesterday to help him recognize his answer. 
Mary Putt, our sweet 75 year old lady, got baptized this week. It was wonderful! The ward was great and very supportive. It was pretty amazing, I taught her a few times in Lincolnton, and then she moved here, and I got transferred here so I got to keep teaching! Love it. Tender mercies. 
We are meeting with an older man named George, who we taught the Plan of Salvation. He loved it. He has been to a lot of churches, and used to be a minister. He taught Sunday school. He is from Canada actually so we have talked about that a lot! He's from Ontario. He says our church has answers he's never been able to find anywhere else, and it makes so much sense to him. He says he knows the Book of Mormon is true, and he doesn't need to pray about it. He 
wasn't able to make it to church this week, but he said he would come next week! 

One of our dinners cancelled this week, and it was meant to be because we went out to eat and our waiter asked us what church we worked for. We talked to him a little bit and invited him to come to church! He said he would and he actually came! He's Eli, a 19 year old black guy going to college. He loved church and said he would be baptized when he knows its true, and will read and pray and we're going back to teach him again with a boy in our ward who is just about to go on a mission, so it's great practice for him! 
Oh and for Mike I'll throw in a funny story. We taught this lady named Susan, who lived in the house a Less Active used to live in. She is a cat lady. We went in and looked at her couch, and it's not a couch, it's just cat hair. That's all you see. Everywhere. So we didn't sit there, we sat at the table. But the cats followed. They were on the table. And one was in my face when I was trying to testify about the Book of Mormon. Not a great teaching environment. My companion and I were coughing up hair (not literally, but it felt like it) when we came out. Gross. 
Oh and another funny story. My companion woke me up last night, she was praying in her sleep! She was praying that the people we would see would be home, and thanking Heavenly Father for the opportunity to take the sacrament. Ha ha. She's a great missionary, she even dreams missionary work! Pretty funny. 

We had a trainer/trainee meeting this week, and that was great! I've already been to 4 of those meetings. But they are always good, and you can learn a lot no matter how many times you hear it! It's like the scriptures. The Assistants were asking what advise I had to give as an "expert trainer" ha ha. Don't know about that one. 

The broadcast about missionary work was amazing last night, hope you all got to watch it! There are a lot of exciting things happening and the Lord is hastening his work! Our mission is one of the "test missions" for the "Facebook" use. We'll see how that goes! Not sure how soon exactly. 
I know the Gospel is true. I know Jesus Christ is the Savior. I know the Lord is hastening his work. I know without a shadow of a doubt the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and it changes lives.

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