Monday, June 17, 2013

Last week's email didn't send

Hey everybodyyyyy!!!!!!!
This week was AWESOME! We went around and got to know the Ward a lot. We met with a part member family, Brother Hand who recently got baptized and his wife isn't a member. We had a first discussion with her and have a return appointment! Her whole family is involved in this big methodist "Mega-church" and has been for generations. So coming to church will be a big deal for her!! But she said she's willing to give it a try!!
We met with Mary Putt again, she is the lady I was teaching in Lincoln ton (my last area) who moved here to Huntersville right when I got transferred! That was awesome. She's 75 years old and knows the Book of Mormon is true, and wants to get baptized. Before she had broken her arm, so she had a cast but now it's off and she came to church, and she's getting baptized on the 22nd!! Woot woot! She's so sweet.
We taught the Stevens again, the couple that the Elders were teaching before us. She says she knows it's true and she's ready to join the church but she's kind of just waiting on him! He says he doesn't have any reason to believe it's NOT true, he just wants to know for sure. So we told him to sincerely pray and read the Book of Mormon. He'll get his answer soon because he's so sincere! We are meeting with them again tomorrow so hopefully we'll be able to set a baptismal date.
We also met with this awesome couple Dale and Melissa who are also very involved in their church ( surprise surprise?!) but they seemed really nice and have a deep faith in Christ. They said they would read and pray about the Book of Mormon as well :)
I love how the Book of Mormon is so central to everything we do! Really that is the only question that investigators have to settle for themselves is whether that book is true. I know that it is.

In church we had extra time in Sacrament meeting, and so families who had missionaries out came up and gave "Missionary updates" and said how they were doing. It was cool to hear about everyone's service around the world. It's amazing how the work is truly the same everywhere!

We are in a car-share area with the Alexandriana Elders and so we get a car every other week. Yay for biking in a skirt! It's actually not that bad. I'm getting the hang of it. And the Ward is great about giving us rides places. Actually my area now is a lot smaller geographically than Lincoln ton was. It's only about 5 miles by 5 miles.

My companion is awesome. Love her. She's been a little sick this week but is feeling better!
We had Zone Meeting this week and Sister Diaz stayed and rested at a members house while another member gave me a ride and I went by myself. That was weird!! This picture is of Sister Bowman on my far left (My trainer) Sister Van Wagoner on my left, who was my companion in the MTC! She is getting transferred to the other mission though so it was sad to say goodbye to her. And Sister Miller on my right who has been out 17 months and she's going home!
I love being a missionary. Every day, no matter how good or bad, as long as I can go to bed saying I have done my best that day to invite people to come unto Christ, that's all I can do :) And every time someone doesn't want to or chooses not to listen, or especially when someone tries to explain why I am not right, it just confirms my testimony. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know God is hastening his work. And it's incredible to be a part of it.

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