Monday, August 5, 2013

Another Great Week

Sorry everyone about my email not going through last week. The computer shut off right when I went to send. But all is well. Huntersville is a wonderful area and I love it. There are lots of miracles going on. We have this part member family who we always try but is gone a lot, and we went to their neighbors house and we knocked on the door of this lady named Netti. She was like "Yes, please come in!" This is pretty unusual... so we were a little surprised. We taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel. She loved it. She said she had been looking for a church to go to, and she feels guilty every Sunday morning for NOT taking her kids to a church, she just hasn't found one that she likes yet. HELLO. Sister Wright and I were just smiling and so happy and excited. We talked to her about the restoration and she said she felt like Joseph Smith, searching for a church, and she wanted to ask God, like he did. So she knelt down and offered the most sincere prayer I have ever heard. The spirit was so strong. She teared up and she poured out her heart to her heavenly father. We are so excited to go back and teach her husband and her two kids as well! They should be at church on Sunday :) 

We are also teaching a part member, less active family. The Dad is a member, the Mom is not, and neither are the kids. The Mom takes the kids to Catholic church, and the Dad is LDS but doesn't go to either. He really has a strong testimony though and knows the church is true, he just doesn't want to go without his family. The wife wants him to go to church, even if it's not hers. And the kids are very open. They have met with missionaries before and have a few copies of the Book of Mormon laying around. We got them all to open them, commit to read them, and we showed Elder Holland's "Safety for the Soul" and it was so powerful! 
We met with another part member, less active family (there are so many in our ward. Like 15) that is wonderful. They have 3 kids, two of them have been baptized, one hasn't. Not really sure why they stopped going to church, still working on that and the 9 year old wants to be baptized. I think that will be a great segway to getting the family to come back to church. They are really a sweet family. And they have a son who is 18 and is decided whether go to on a mission, so we are going to bring our recently returned missionary in our ward with us to teach him. They are wonderful. 
Went on an exchange with the Concord sisters this week. They are wonderful. I was able to help the trainer, she was with me in Huntersville for the day. Her companion is very quiet and doesn't really talk when they get into lessons, and is really shy. We were able to work out some things we can do to help! I love being able to go on exchanges and learn so much from all 
the Sisters in the mission! It's wonderful. What a blessing of a leadership position. 

I went to my first Missionary Leadership Council this week. (For Mike, Dad, John, and Dave it used to be called Zone Leader Council, but now there are Sister Training Leaders so we go to it and it's called Missionary Leadership Council) and that was exciting. We had a whole day of training with President and Sister Craven, and the Assistants. Mostly it was on ONLINE PROSELYTING. Which is so exciting. 
I will be using Facebook, but just for proselyting purposes. I have to block all friends and family from home from showing up on my newsfeed. I will still be Facebook Freinds with you, but you will not show up on my newsfeed. So I will not see what you post. I still cannot message or instant message you, or look up your page or anything like that. Just basically work with Ward Members, Part Members, Less Actives, and Investigators in my area. And other missionaries in the mission. But it's really exciting and there is a lot of potential! Lots of people who we have fallen out of contact with, or part member families, less actives, feel a LOT more comfortable talking to you on Skype or Facebook than on their doorstep. So it's really exciting and I can't wait! :) :) Oh and we do not have Ipads yet, but we are just using Facebook at our library. 

So excited! I love being a missionary and how I am learning and growing so much. I know the Gospel is true. I know it changes lives. I know it's the only way to true peace and happiness in this life. I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers. I cannot believe how fast the mission is going by. In 2 months, I will be halfway done! Crazy! 

Love, Sister Forsyth

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