Tuesday, August 20, 2013

6th transfer

Sister Wright and I are both staying in Huntersville! Yay! It's a great area, and a great ward. I love it.

So this week started out with a bang. So here's what happened. After our companionship study prayer, Sister Wright stood up. I went to the bathroom so I didn't actually see what happened. But she got light-headed and passed out. The doctors said there was no real reason, just a little dehydrated and stood up to fast and it was not a good combination and she passed out. But as she was going down.. (passing out).. she hit her mouth on the corner of our desk and cut open her gums right above her teeth under her lip. It was bleeding pretty bad! I came out and I was like WHAT HAPPENNEDD?! So I called Sister Craven, she said to ice it, and have her lay down for a while to see it the bleeding will stop. So she put some ice on it, and it still didn't stop after a while. So Sister Craven said to run her to the Instacare. It was weird, being in an instacare. But the Insta-care lady was like WOAH I can't take care of that you need to go to the ER! So we went to the ER and he gave her some stitches in her gums! Crazy! It was Sister Wright's first time in the Emergency Room ever but she did great. Then.. we had to go help set up the Elder's apartment because in our ward we have been the only ones and we are getting Elders (so we will have 2 sets of missionaries now) and we have to help them set up their apartment. It's exciting! Almost every ward in the mission will have 2 sets of missionaries now. 
So this week we have still been teaching that part member family that got offended a few years ago but has a son who wants to get baptized.. and it's going really well! They came to CHURCH yesterday which was a huge deal! The ward was so excited to see them and they had a really good experience. The son wants to get baptized but his older brother is at college, and won't be home until December so they probably will wait until then.. 
Remember George? We taught him a while ago.. he's 79. Well we ended up dropping him because after 5 weeks he still wasn't coming to church and wasn't progressing. BUT.. yesterday there was a baptismal service for the Lake Norman ward.. we invited him to go and he said YES! We were so excited! We scrambled to find a ride though because he couldn't drive his car. At the last minute a ward member drove all of us up there and he had a great experience. GO ward. And.. he came to Church yesterday too and had a great time! He has a date forSeptember 7th.. so hopefully all will keep progressing! 
Well that lady who was so excited to come to church.. we have kind of lost contact with her and she went to her Mom's Catholic church this week... I guess church is better than no church, right? We'll keep working on it...
We have met with Mary (the older lady who got baptized in June) and she is so fantastic. She can't come to church all of the time because of health problems. But she LOVES reading the Book of Mormon and has such a strong testimony. She knows she doesn't have much longer on earth but she is so excited she found the gospel in the end! Her son passed away in a tragic accident like a year ago and she was so hurt and depressed by it. But the Plan of Salvation was so helpful to her and got her through it. She is so sweet and loves our visits. She LOVES the plan and the gospel, and knows it's true. She's like my grandma away from home, we love her. It was so neat, she says "You know, I don't' think you get told this enough, but THANK YOU. You girls have changed my life. You work hard all day and not everyone listens, but I am just thankful you were able to help me" Moments like that make everything worth it! :) :) 

And the couple who got baptized in July, they are fantastic. They are on fire with the gospel, they are the most active people ever. They come to every church activity, She has 2 callings already, they go home and visiting teaching, they are working to get names to go to the temple with, and they have only been members barely a month! it's incredible! They love it. And we love them.

The attitude that people have down here is so funny. It's like "Well I believe in Jesus and God and I'm good, right?" They have no concept of Authority or organization or anything. They'll just find a church they like, the preacher they like, the music they like, or wherever is closest to them and go. They really don't have a testimony that that church is TRUE or has TRUE doctrine, they just go cause they like it. And that is what everyone does! It's crazy. I am so glad I know the Gospel is true, and has truly been restored to the earth in our day. Sister Wright is fantastic, I love her. We get along really well. ( sorry I haven't sent any pictures of her and I yet.. memory card got stolen. getting a new one today) but we were talking today about just how blessed we are to have the priesthood and temples! To know and not just guess that our families can be together in the next life! It's so incredible to KNOW that and have the fullness of the gospel. I know this church is truly God's church on the Earth. It's not just another church, it's not just one that has cool music or a cool pastor. Jesus Christ is the head of it and we have his Authority!

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