Monday, August 26, 2013

Short email

This week we got Elders in the Hunters ville ward! It was pretty exciting. We ate with them almost every night. This ward is wonderful. There are lots of members in the Ward who are really excited to do missionary work, we just have to help them do it! We are in a very well off area, and a lot of people are bankers. Most people are mid 30's, bankers who graduated from BYU, who have a few kids. They call it a "transplant" ward, meaning everyone is from Utah/Idaho and not actually from the south. Dave, don't worry, there is 1 Utah fan in the ward. Brother Jay Hart. You should be friends with him, you actually remind me of him a ton! Pretty much the whole ward is going to be gone this weekend though for the BYU game over in Virginia. 
We have been teaching that part member family and their son is almost 10 who has not been baptized, but still haven't set a date for baptism. Their son comes home from college in December, and they'll probably wait to do it then. 
Sorry I don't have much time. But love you all and thanks for all of the support!

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