Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Week in the life

Hello Family and Friends! Hope you all had a great week! 
First of all.. we started on Facebook this week. It was weird. I thought it would be super distracting and strange. Sister Wright and I both were freaked out the first time and had everything typed in to sign in and just had to push the "sign in" button but we were super nervous and we were like one... two... three... GO! Ah.. so weird. So as you can see we are using a really edited version of our Facebook account, hopefully you can't see any of my old pictures or old posts. But it's wonderful! We have been using it to find a lot of people we have lost contact with or who have dropped off the map. We are still trying to figure out how to be productive, get referrals, and start teaching on Facebook. But I'm sure we'll figure it out. 
So we met this lady named Alex who seemed really nice and she wanted us to come back and teach her. When we went back though...we were thrown by the fact that her girlfriend answered the door. Yes, girlfriend. So we sit down to teach this lady and her girlfriend. And immediately they start asking so many questions about the Book of Mormon, and churches, and how they can know it's true, and then of course they got to the Church's stance on Gay marriage. The Member we were with didn't skip a beat and immediately testified of the divine nature of marriage between a man and a woman and how it is central to God's plan! They were intently listening. We talked more about the Book of Mormon, gave them a Family Proclamation to read, and they said they'd read it. We'll see if they let us back. But it was interesting. I know that the Family Proclamation is truly from God and that marriage between a man and a woman is the only way that God's plan for us to be here in families can be fulfilled! But people are wonderful and we are all children of God and of course we should show Christlike love to everyone! No matter what choices they make. 

FUNNY MOMENT::::::This week we have been teaching a Less Active family who got offended by some things people did a few years ago and have been Less Active for about 3 years. But they were fantastic, involved members for years and years before that! We helped them work through their issues. And they have a 9 year old son who hasn't been baptized who is so cute and we started teaching him. He's so funny. His name is Bradley. But we were asking him "Bradley, what can you do to prepare to be baptized?" He said "PRACTICE HOLDING MY BREATH!!"" HA HA. And he didn't want his older (18 year old) brother to baptize him. Because he knows he'll hold him under the water... Ha ha ha :) They are the sweetest family. But.... the older brother is going to Utah for college for the semester and won't be back till Christmas so they want to do the baptism in December NOOOOOOOO that's way to far! Trying to figure out how we nicely tell them to do it sooner... Satan is way too good and will work way to hard to not let that happen! We'll work on it. 
Unfortunately we had a few people who committed to come to church who didn't come yesterday... ahh....that was frustrating. But guess what. The church is true anyway! We've been finding a LOT of people to teach and not so many who are ready to commit. But we are working hard to find through the MEMBERS more because we know that is the most effective way to find solid investigators. 
Sister Wright and I gave a training on the Doctrine of Christ at Zone Meeting this week. We talked about how the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel are how we truly change to become better. And return to live with our Heavenly Father someday.
P.S Transfers calls are this Saturday. If I get transferred I am going to miss Hunters ville so much! This is a fantastic ward with so many incredible members I have learned so much from.  

I know that God lives. I know he loves us. I am truly trying my best every day to bring souls unto him. To help people access the full blessings of the Atonement. I know that can only be done through faith, repentance, baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. I am trying to get better and to always find ways to do better! Be more obedient and more diligent, and be teachable. I do my best every day and leave to Heavenly Father the rest. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that with my whole heart. I am so glad to know that and I am so grateful to be blessed with this gospel in my life. I love you all! Thanks for all of the love and support :)

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